[Mug (Cup)] Penetration Bite Glass (2 Pieces) | Kanazawa Gold Leaf

[Mug (Cup)] Penetration Bite Glass (2 Pieces) | Kanazawa Gold Leaf

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HAKUICHI Kenji Yoshikura Kenji Yoshikura

We made an intrusion series using gorgeous gold leaf that is perfect for gifts.

The unique pattern of broken gold leaf is unique in the world where each product breaks differently.

The free intrusion cracks create a unique atmosphere, creating a more luxurious and calm atmosphere.

Pursuing simplicity and modernity, it matches both Japanese and Western table coordination, so please use it as a gift with confidence.


Innovation to the tradition of Kanazawa Metal Leaf


  • 1975
  • Kanazawa Gold Leaf
  • Tatsuya Asano


Creation of "Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts"

When our company was founded, a gold leaf was not used in Kanazawa and treated as a material for decorative art.

We have create a new category, "Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts", by using the gold leaf not only for decorative art, but also for our daily needs.

While we have been trying to spread the "Kanazawa Gold Lear Crafts" throughout the country, it has also been recognized in our home area, Kanazawa, and has now become a local industry.

Even though mechanization, mass production or use of new technology are preffered, we think a great deal of creating our products by hand.

We we believe that the real beauty in traditional crafts exists only in the products which are made by hand.

We keep on preserving the traditional techniques, while developing new technque and delivering the charm of Kanazawa Gold Leaf to the world.


Collaboration across industries

The products of Kanazawa gold leaf crafts, which were made wholeheatedly by craftsmen, can be used both at a traditional and a modern table.

We also collaborate with companies from different industries because we can encounter new technologies and find the new way to make use of the gold leaf.We keep on challenging in new fields and trying to develop our technologies, so that we can expand the possibilities of Kanazawa gold leaf.

For Customers

Luxury through tradition

One of the charms of Kanazawa gold leaf is the luxurious beauty through tradition.

From old times, the beauty of the gold leaf have attracted people and it was used as a symbol of power and luxury.

Our aim is to enrich everyone's life with not only with high-end art crafts but also with the products for everyday use.

We pride ourselves on the name "HAKUICHI", the founder of the Kanazawa gold leaf crafts, and continue challenging to make products, which can inspire the life of everyone.


Manufacturer HAKUICHI
Country of origin Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Technique Kanazawa Gold Leaf
Material Glass / real gold leaf
Size (About) Φ3.38" * 4.33"(Φ8.6 * 11.0cm)
Weight 1.54 lbs(700g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : X Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X,
Delivery Time 1~2 weeks (if out of stock + 1~2 weeks) *The delivery time may be extended due to COVID-19.


Available to all over the world (EMS or FedEx)


100% compensation for damage during delivery


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