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CONCERTO Yohei UdagaswaYohei Udagaswa

A bow tie where you can enjoy the beautiful concerto of Nishijin-ori and Takaoka lacquer ware.

The luster of the Nishijin-ori strap, which is luxuriously woven with the body and the finest silk thread, which has been given the Navagraha crest (famous as the family crest of the Date clan) using the Raden technique, is yours. Produces an elegant neck.

As it is very light at 15g, you will not feel any discomfort even if you leave it on all day long.

The resin case is convenient to carry, so you can enjoy it even when traveling.


Manufacturer CONCERTO
Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique Takaoka Lacquerware
Material Lacquer, Raden, Gold leaf, Nishijin-ori
Size Tie: 4.61" * 1.69" * 0.59", Strap: 12.99" ~ 19.69"(ボウタイ : 11.7*4.3*1.5, ストラップ : 33.0~50.0cm)
Weight 0.03 lbs(15g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment lacquerware Hand wash :〇 Dishwashing machine : X
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)



Collaboration of Lacquerware and Nishijin Textiles

  • Social Design Co., Ltd. vs. Takaoka Lacquer Ware Co., Ltd.
  • Takaoka Lacquerware
  • Yohei Udagaswa


Collaboration between a long-establisched company and a company producing hand manufacturing

Takaoka Lacquerware Co., Ltd.Founded In 1909 as Otsubo Shokai Co., Ltd.in Sakurababa (now Takaoka Ekimae), Takaoka City.In 1919 change of the company name to Takaoka Lacquerware Company Co., Ltd.and expansion of the domestic sales.

In 1969 change to the current name of Takaoka Lacquerware Co., Ltd.Social Design Co., Ltd.Established in 2010.

We participating the projects such as "Sea Road Project" by Hiroshima Prefectural Government or "JAPAN NEXT Campaign" by Cabinet Secretariat Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Headquarters.

Starting up "Handicraft Club" in 2014 by sending informaion about Japanese traditional crafts worldwide.


Collaboration between Takaoka Lacquerware and Nishijin Textiles

Every workprocess for a bow tie, such as producing wooden basis or lacquering, is carefully hand crafted by craftworkers.

The collaboration of of two traditional industries, Takaoka Lacquerware and Nishijin Textiles have created a finest piece.

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