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IKEHIKO Mosuke UchioMosuke Uchio

It is a rug that luxuriously uses the top 1% of the harvest, a set of in-house produced rush.

It is a non-mud-dyed undyed rush that is shiny and very smooth to the touch.

Dyed twice to prevent fading, and the gloss is improved, the durability is excellent, and the volume is also given.

Skilled craftsmen carefully weave it without taking their eyes off for a while, and polish it with horsehair to give it a glossy finish.

It is a gem with high rare value that sticks to the material, dyeing, weaving, finishing, and all processes such as using Kurume weave for the edge.

Please enjoy the finest tatami mats.


Manufacturer IKEHIKO
Country of origin Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Technique Tatami
Material Japanese rush
Size 75.19" * 98.42"(191.0*250.0cm)
Weight 18.96 lbs(8600g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Please make sure to wipe the "igusa" (the woven rush) side with dry cloth before first use. Laundry: X Wipe cloth: 〇
Delivery Time 4 to 5 weeks after ordering


TATAMI × KIWAMI (extreme・acquire)


  • Tatami mats woven with 100% locally-grown rush
  • Superior quality to standard tatami

About the Company

130 Years of Crafting Superior-Quality Tatami Featuring Top-Grade Japanese Rush

Since its founding more than 130 years ago, Ikehiko has continued to make superior tatami products using only the highest quality “igusa” (soft rush) from Kyushu. In 2012, the company went a step further and began cultivation of its own igusa plants. In modern times, as overall production of igusa in Japan continues to decrease, Ikehiko is striving to keep this ancient craft alive by continuing to develop new products using its own home-grown igusa.


As it has full control over the entire production process, Ikehiko is able to grow igusa and use it without the processing that usually takes place, maintaining the natural, smooth texture and soft touch of the plant in its final products. Compared with standard tatami, the amount of igusa used in each Ikehiko mat is two to three times greater, giving it unrivaled durability and comfort underfoot.

Tatami is an integral part of a traditional Japanese living space. There’s something special about the feeling of walking barefoot across a tatami floor and smelling the unique fragrance that it gives off. It is a connection with the past that remains a source of comfort to people in the present. Ikehiko believes that fine tatami is a tradition that should be carried on into the future.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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