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SAGARADEN・NOMURA Mamoru NomuraMamoru Nomura

Founded in 1910, we, who are the only manufacturer and wholesaler of Raden and Kyoto lacquer ware in Kyoto, and Pierre Charrié, a designer based in Paris, collaborated to create a stand mirror.

The mirror is two lacquered wooden panels assembled by magnets, lacquered on one side and a mirror on the other.

By creating reflection and symmetry, the shell fragments create a mysterious appearance that is a fusion of organic and geometric patterns.

By adopting a symmetric design that utilizes the reflection peculiar to the mirror, I tried to make the space look more beautiful as well as the fascinating charm of the shellfish and the splendor of the craftsmanship.

Enjoy the Raden stand mirror that stirs your sensibility and imagination in the drawing room or at home.


Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Raden
Material Luminous shellfish
Size W5.31" * H7.87"(W13.5*H20.0cm)
Weight 1.76 lbs(800g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Kyoto lacquerware traditional craftsman who is the only shop in Kyoto


  • 1910
  • Raden
  • Traditional craftsman Mamoru Nomura, craftsman Takuya Nomura · Mamori Mamori


To inherit the Kyoto lacquerware born 1000 years ago to the present age

Established in 1910 (Meiji 43), we operate Raden Specialty Store in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

Lacquerware is called "Japan" in English and it can be said to be a representative of traditional Japanese crafts.

Rugged, beautiful and nice lacquer is ideal as a coating for household goods and accessories, originally from China.

Kyoto lacquerware, which starts with the lacquerware production of the court of the Heian period, has tradition as an elegant finish of aristocratic preference.

In the Muromachi era, many famous items called "Higashiyama era" were influenced by the tea ceremony.

There are various techniques for painting and decoration, and true painting and brilliant makie are representatives of Kyoto lacquerware.

In addition, there is a traditional technique of lacquer craft that decorates a beautiful portion of mother-of-pearl with red or blue luster in lacquer inside shell.

The product made using that technique is called "Raden".

In 1993, the third generation has been replaced, and as a Raden specialty store, we consistently carry out all the processes of material selection, procurement and manufacturing.


Symmetrical beauty that reflects the screws to the mirror and opens a new era of Raden

The Vison-Visu series (Raden Interior Mirror) participated in the Kyoto contemporary (project in Kyoto City) and was developed in collaboration with Mr.

Pierre Charrié (Paris interior designer).

The symmetrical design that uses reflection unique to the mirror brings out the fascinating charm of the shellfish which is the characteristic of Raden to the utmost.

It is a product that matched with the splendor of craft technology that we have continued for 100 years.

In addition to that, it reflects more beautifully to the space where the product is placed.

We invited designer Pierre Charrié to the factory in Kyoto, we had meetings for two weeks and inspected and refined the idea.

When we are explaining lacquer and screw thread, "When you polish up the lacquer, you will be finished in a specular shape as the face is reflected." Pierre Charrié says, "I would like to make mirror related products, but mirror Have you already made?" When we answered "I have created hand mirrors", he made it overnight with the interior mirror prototype of this time.

Normally, when we say a mirror, we look at our own face and arrange grooming.

However, Mr.

Pierre Charrié's design was to express the symmetrical beauty of Raden in a new way by reflecting the screws on the mirror.

The traditional technique is confined inside, the outer form makes you feel modern and stylish impression like the iPad.

Also, we used hinges at the joint to keep the shape beautiful, but we used a magnet to make it look more attractive, and made it more sophisticated design.

Furthermore, in order to make the whole shape a beautiful flow curve like the iPad, we reworked the prototype many times.

At first we had calculated the corner curve with the machine, but in the end it is a product of commitment making hand curved corners to create a smoother curve.

For Customers

We want to make use of carefully selected materials and technical capabilities, to create "time / space" where mind is comfortable

Management philosophy "We make something that makes our minds calm"

In the era when the lifestyle continues to change remarkably, it is not easy to make time for "heart" to rest.

The time and space of peace is necessary only in such a time.

Taking advantage of carefully selected materials and technological capabilities, we are spending time and effort on each piece.

We put the idea that we want to provide time that our customers can relax in our work.

In January 2018, exhibited at "MAISON & OBJET" in Paris.

In addition, we performed test marketing at galleries and specialized shops in Paris and got high reputation.

At that time, we was able to actually make the first sales results overseas.

If you put it in the front door, living room, bedroom, etc., you can direct the space you usually spend to a more special space.

Please enjoy the new possibilities of the Raden.


2001 Certified as a traditional craftsman for Kyoto lacquerware decoration division

2013 "Kyoto long-established store" recognition from Kyoto prefecture

2017 Certified as "Future Master" from Kyoto City


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