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Kakinuma Dolls


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Opening Celebration

Was give you as opening celebration was me immediately decorate! Very pleased, now happy to here, was there Arigatu!

Cute colors!

Since the beckoning cat is fancy there are many, but I did not find one that fits in the shop quite, here was very much liked in soothing colors. Of anywhere from customers? Is asked, it is blooming flowers to the story.

Purchase to opening celebration

It was donated to the open of the acquaintance of the cafe. I was very pleased at the unusual pattern. Correspondence of Noshi is was also thankful to give me a.

Product Description

Kakinuma Dolls Toko KakinumaToko Kakinuma

It is a very popular beckoning cat using Nishijin-ori!

Traditional craftsman Toko Kakinuma uses Swarovski crystals for his eyes, power stones for bells, and Nishijin-ori and enamel for his body.

By incorporating materials that were not found in conventional wood-grained dolls, we have created a beckoning cat that is even more cute and charming.

It is a very pleasing item for opening celebrations and gifts for opening celebrations.


Manufacturer Kakinuma Dolls
Country of origin Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Technique Edo Art Dolls
Material Kimono fabric, urethane resin
Size H: 7.08"(18cm)
Weight 1.1 lbs(500g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


From "for events" to "for everyday use"

Kakinuma Dolls

  • 1950
  • Edo Art Dolls
  • Toko Kakinuma


More than 60 years of experiences

Our brand was established in 1950, in Tokyo.

We mainly make dolls for festivals by using the traditional craft skill called "Edo Art Dolls".

Currently, we have 30 craftsmen making dolls in our studio in Saitama prefecture.

Toko, our second representative, although being a designated traditional craftsman in Japan and receiving various awards, never stops seeking new and innovative ways of making dolls.

As one of such challenges, we have established a product line of Manekineko, Beckoning cat, by utilizing the skills and techniques of making Edo Art Dolls.

This has turned out successful, and now our beckoning cat is popular both within Japan and overseas.


One-and-only products by Toko Kakinuma

Being made with all our craftsmens hearts and devotion, our dolls are expected and also durable to be long-loved for more than 10 or 20 years.

We often collaborate with other industries and brands such as using Italian cloth for beckoning cats and incorporating Aizu Ware for KIMEKOMI-trays.

In this way, we never stop attempting to establish an unique style of traditional doll making culture.

Our beckoning cat series are suited for gifts, as each color has different meanings and messages to be delivered: red for good health, yellow for good fortune, pink for happiness, and more.

With your loved-ones imagined in your mind, please pick the best color for them.

For Customers

Products that are "worth more than price"

As it is said that "technology is continuous of innovation", we will always try to make new products by utilizing the technology we have cultivated up to now.

As we strive to make products everyday with the aim of "products that are worth more than the price", please pick up products and realize the high quality of unique handmade by craftsmen.

I would like to know many people about Edo Art Dolls and I will continue my new challenge by dreaming of the word "Edo Art Dolls (KIMEKOMI)", not only in Japan, but also from overseas.


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