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A lucky charm made from a 1,400 year-old onigawara tile. This is a new type of item that can incorporate traditional Japanese culture and craftsmanship into daily life, regardless of architectural style. Onigawara, with their charming and exuberant laughter, have an expression that makes people forget the notion that "demons are scary". Onigawara has the meaning of protecting a house and family, so it is recommended as a gift to celebrate a housewarming, a housewarming, a wedding, or anyone who is starting a new life in a new environment.

A lucky charm to protect your home with a smile.

Feature 1 of Laughing Onigawara

A lucky charm to protect your home with a smile.

In recent architectural styles, onigawara have become less common decorations. Although many people may not be familiar with them, onigawara are a part of traditional Japanese culture with a history of 1,400 years, and have been valued as an evil-doer to protect houses and families.

Onigawara, which can be displayed indoors, is a new type of item that can incorporate traditional Japanese culture and craftsmanship into daily life, regardless of architectural style. It is recommended for use as a house amulet or as an amulet to protect the family and ward off evil.

Rich expressions created by onimists

Feature 2 of Laughing Onigawara

Rich expressions created by onimists

"Oni-shi" refers to the craftsmen who make onigawara. Onigawara, which have a three-dimensional design, are made by hand and require a great deal of skill. These laughing devil tiles are also carefully produced one by one by Atsushi Yamashita, a devil craftsman, with no compromise made in the smallest details.

The expression on the face of the ogre, which is so bold and laughing from all angles, seems to make people forget about the notion that ogres are frightening. The inorganic texture of the tiles gives them a warmth that can be attributed to the skill and sincerity of the craftsmen who created them.

Modern design that fits in with contemporary interiors

Feature 3 of Laughing Onigawara

Modern design that fits in with contemporary interiors

Walnut is used for the base of the onigawara. Walnut is a popular material for furniture and wooden goods, and is characterized by its deep color.

Onigawara tiles have a strong Japanese image, but by combining the unique luster of these tiles with walnut, they give a very modern impression. It also has a luxurious feel, and makes you want to place it where people can see it.

It matches not only home entrances and living rooms, but also office information and reception rooms. Because of its luxurious feel, this item can be displayed anywhere.

Wall mountable! Choice of Styles

Detail of Laughing Onigawara1

Wall mountable! Choice of Styles

Laughing Onigawara can be displayed not only stationary but also hung on a wall. The main unit comes with a wooden board to be used as a stand when stationary or as a hook when hanging on the wall, and screws for hanging on the wall. The accessories are stored behind the tiles upon arrival.

For those who do not want to put as many small items as possible, hanging on the wall is a very convenient way to display a laughing devil's face. The three-dimensionality of onigawara, which is not found in paintings, is one of their characteristics, so they can be hung on the wall in any space and still have a strong sense of presence.

In addition, to prevent the Laughing Tile from slipping when placed stationary, there is a silicon non-slip surface on the bottom of the base. Weighing approximately 800g, it is as heavy as three apples, so it is useful to prevent the Laughing Onigawara from slipping and falling. The non-slip surface can be removed when hanging on the wall, and it is nice to see that careful consideration has been given to ease of use.

Detail of Laughing Onigawara 2

Comes in a special paulownia wood box! Luxurious package

The Laughing Onigawara arrives in a special paulownia wood box. Also included are a pamphlet with detailed information about Onigawara Kemori and Onishi, precautions for use, and an installation form for wall-hanging.

The special paulownia wood box is also made with a sense of quality and solidity, so there is no need to worry about damage during shipping.

Since it is not something you will buy many times in your lifetime, you will be more pleased when you receive it if it is in a special package.

As a housewarming or housewarming gift, or as a gift for the opening of a new store or business

Give a laughing demon tile

As a housewarming, housewarming, or store opening gift

Onigawara (ogre tiles) have the meaning of protecting a house and family, so they are recommended as congratulatory gifts for people starting a new life in a new environment, such as for a housewarming, house-moving, or wedding gift. It is also a perfect gift to celebrate the opening of a new store or business, as well as a gift to encourage someone who is starting a new challenge. It will be an item that will protect your store or company.

BECOS's wrapping service allows you to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki wrapping cloths, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we can also print a message card with the text you wish to convey.

The timing of giving a gift of good fortune is often a milestone and important moment for the recipient. Please give a thoughtful gift, thinking of the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in his or her hands.


Onigawara Iemori Atsushi YamashitaAtsushi Yamashita

Onigawara, which has a history of 1400 years, has protected Japanese houses and families since ancient times as an amulet and amulet. However, the number of houses where onigawara can be displayed on the roof is decreasing. Therefore, in order to match the modern architectural style, we created a product that realized the novel idea of ​​"Onigawara to decorate the room".

~ Demon Master Atsushi Yamashita ~

Fortune comes to laughing demons
Its name is "Shokimen". The facial expression born from the desire to laugh for a year can even overturn the concept that "demons are scary." The 12 beads on the left and right mean one year (= 12 months).


Manufacturer Onigawara Iemori
Country of origin Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Technique Sanshu Onigawara Crafts
Material Roof tile, walnut
Size 5.51" * 7.87" * 1.02"(14.0*20.0*2.6cm)
Weight 1.76 lbs(800g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Comes in a paulownia wood box. Please do not touch the onigawara with your bare hands when you take it out of the box. It can be mounted both on the wall and installed.
Note The product is in a paulownia box. Please do not touch orge mask with bare hands. It is possible to install both [wall hanging] and [stationery]. You can fix with plaster iron that is included even with gypsum board wall without base.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

Oni Shi

"Everyday is training"

Atsushi Yamashita


While taking over the family business and training as a demon teacher, he actively interacted with craftsmen from other production areas and studied. Currently, he has become independent as Oniatsu, and is sending out tile products that are particular about handmade products.

My philosophy

Encounter with people changed me

Under the guidance of top demon masters from all over the country, he pursues his "personality" using the wisdom he has gained. It is our belief that we do not mass-produce, but do each and every job carefully.

Not only the technical commitment such as fine finish, but also the meaning of the treated pattern is important. Even now, the days of devotion continue, independent of "every day is training".

In the spirit of "get used to it rather than learn"

Most of the drawings are special.

Drawings are made each time the restoration of cultural properties is carried out.

Learned about the handmade manufacturing method from Ichi and became independent as a demon teacher.

By working with the spirit of "getting used to it rather than learning", we continue to the present.

Focus points

Awakening as a demon teacher

I've been holding tools since I was 16 years old, but honestly, I didn't really understand the meaning of working.

However, I was blessed with the craftsmen around me and realized the way of life as a demon master and the value of my existence.

"My life has changed because of the encounters with good people."

For Customers

Can you feel the story of things?

The request for restoration will be started after considering the differences in the land and the times.

By actually touching the actual thing, sometimes just by measuring it, there is something that the thing itself talks about.

I cherish the moment when I can see what I can't see.-

Brand history and characteristics

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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Koji Sugiura

I am satisfied as expected.

Thank you for using our shop.
We are very happy that we were satisfied.

We look forward to your visit again.
Thank you very much.

Relatives' new home and gifts for independence

I was very pleased by my relatives after the present, and I am very happy that I was happy.
I also want to buy it as a present in case of something. Thank you for this time.

Thank you for purchasing this time.
I am very happy that my relatives are satisfied.
If you have another opportunity, please come and visit us.
We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely.

Thank you very much.

I was pleased

I gave it to a new construction celebration
It was a rare item, so I was very pleased.
The store was quick and very helpful.
I would like to repeat it when celebrating a new construction.

Thank you for your reviewer! We look forward to welcoming you back!

Benny Yuen
Very good seller

Very good seller

Sanju Oni ​​Tawamori Mamoru

I purchased it with Atsushi Yamashita's laugh on the demon tile.
Without discomfort in my home with Scandinavian taste
There is a feeling that it is decorated with a gentle and cucumber smile on the entrance!

Thank you for purchasing a demon tile!
It has been well received not only to a Japanese -style house, but also to any type of house, so I am glad to have you enjoy it.
I pray that the demon with a smile will gently protect the house.
We look forward to using it again!

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