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Onigawara Iemori Shinsuke Kamiya
Shinsuke Kamiya

A guardian god with an ogre's face!

Onigawara have been decorated on the roofs of temples, shrines, and houses since ancient times as a guardian deity to ward off calamities that befell them.

KIGAN-MORI is made with the utmost care and crafted by Onimishi, who have the traditional techniques of tile making that have been handed down for over 1,400 years from ancient buildings in Japan.

The temple is famous for having fulfilled the prayers of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the feudal lord of the Edo period, so you can expect good fortune from this temple!

Since these onigawara play the role of dispelling evil demons, they will help you achieve your goal single-mindedly with the demon's glare so that no one can interfere!


Manufacturer Onigawara Iemori
Country of origin Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Technique Sanshu Onigawara Crafts
Material Clay (specially prayed for at Noma Doibo Temple)
Size W1.77 * D0.51 * H3.94 in. , Leather string : 31.5 in. (W4.5 * D1.3 * H10、皮紐:約80cm)
Weight 0.11 lbs(50g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note The position of the engraving on the back of the product may differ from that shown in the photograph.
The product may be damaged by impact due to the nature of the ware.
It is believed to prevent misfortune from the wearer and may serve as a substitute for the wearer.
When attaching portable items, etc., please attach a cork sheet or felt to the back of the amulet to prevent it from being scratched.
Due to the handmade nature of this product, the actual product may differ slightly from the one shown in the image.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

Oni Shi


Shinsuke Kamiya


Joined Kamikiei Co., Ltd. in 2003. Passed the advanced evaluation test for Aichi Onigawara skill makers. Kawabuki technician second grade. He continues to deliver his works to numerous shrines and temples, including Koto Sanzan Saimyoji.

My philosophy

The future of the Onigawara world is in this hand

A young demon master says, "The long-lasting work has a history of more than 100 years. It is my dream to be involved in that history." He has an ambition to work on things that will remain in posterity, such as national treasures and cultural properties.

I am chasing the backs of my esteemed ancestors and searching for expressions that only I can do. The creed is "Ichigoichikai". There is no hesitation in his eyes carrying the future of the Onigawara world.

Take care of the feeling of the moment you hit the spatula

The gold spatula, which is less than 50, is used properly according to the nature and process of the soil.

Among them, he likes the copper spatula, and when it hits the soil, it has a moist and unique feel.

From time to time, we perform maintenance such as scraping to make it easier to use.

Focus points

Carving a name is responsible

The name of the creator (self) may be engraved on the work.

To do a job that is not embarrassing because the name is engraved when the tiles are lowered decades or hundreds of years later.

This consciousness is the motivation for production.

For Customers

Pour your soul into each task

I'm carving my name.

Depending on the request, not only the name but also the shop name and date may be carved.

Work while paying close attention to "Harai" and "Tome".

It's the moment to pour your soul.-

Brand history and characteristics

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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