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NOMOTO KIRIHAKO SEISAKUSHO Tsuyoshi NomotoTsuyoshi Nomoto

Enjoy decorating your precious items, everyday accessories, collections, etc. in the left and right opening and closing paulownia box "Omoihako".

Not only will you keep the things inside carefully, but you will also decorate your room as a high-quality display shelf with an elegant texture and beautiful form unique to paulownia.

You can freely change the size of the opening and the use of shelves to enjoy variations.


Country of origin Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Technique Kamo Paulownia Chests
Material Total natural paulownia
Size W11.81" ~ W20.07" * D4.40" * H9.84"(W30.0 ~ W51.0 * D11.2 * H25.0cm)
Weight 24.25 lbs(11000g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Natural paulownia (Please note that paulownia does not give a strong shock due to soft material)
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Make a cherished thinking "box to pay love"


  • 1947
  • Kamo Paulowina Chests
  • Tsuyoshi Nomoto

    Mitsuo Nomoto

    Kazuki Nomoto


We are the best chest makers in Japan

We are a group of craftsmen founded in 1947.

The traditional craftsmen with high-leveled skills, and young brilliant artisans with talents on planning and designing are formed together as on team.

As our brand name proudly proposes, our history has origin in the production of "Kirihako", boxes made with a wood material of Paulownia, in which people often store their important items.

Our highly precise skill and finished touch allow us to produce custom ordered Kirihako boxes, chests, chairs, all made with Paulownia wood.

With our accuracy on manufacturing which makes 1mm adjustments possible has been highly praised, and we are currently working on coffee mills by utilizing such precise techniques.


Breathing wood: wisdom and tradition from ancient times

Japanese people from ancient times used Kirihako boxes to store important items: kimonos, medicines, books, and more.

Paulownia wood absorbs moisture in the air, as if the wood itself is breathing just like us.

This property makes it suitable for storing items, especially the ones that are vulnerable to humidity.

Moreover, Paulownia contains natural insects-repelling components such as tannin and paulonin, which makes it the best materials for storing furniture: chests/drawers.

Our brand-new product "Omoihako" has two major features: when it's closed you can store your precious items and when it's opened the furniture becomes a beautiful decor shelve.

It is the best hybrid of eye-appealingness and functionality.

For Customers

Our boxes store your precious items and feelings

Our goal is to produce chests/drawers that store "precious".

Paulownia, when you put your hand on the wood, you feel the warmth just like human skin and the smoothness of the surface makes you imagine the silk.

We would like you to touch, and feel this comfortable texture of the wood, and be convinced thst our products are capable and the best suited for storing something important to you.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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