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Kaitakudo Art Taku OkazakiTaku Okazaki

Karu! It is a mini hanging scroll of JIKU series.

Ninjas (Shinobi, Shinobi) are secret intelligence officers or mercenaries who served daimyo and lords in Japan from the Asuka period to the Edo period. As the name of "Shinobi" means "to hide and avoid the public eye", as a job, including information gathering to infiltrate enemy forces on the battlefield, intelligence activities, sabotage, infiltration tactics, tactics, assassination, etc. It is said that he was there.

The name is well known not only in Japan but also in the world and can be said to be one of the Japanese cultures.


Manufacturer Kaitakudo Art
Country of origin Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Technique Wall Scroll (Hanging Scroll)
Material This paper High-grade synthetic fiber for art printing, tableware tapestry surface decoration, fissure Jikure-prints
Size W20.86" * D7.16"((軸丈)53.0*(軸幅)15.0, (軸先)18.2cm)
Weight 0.37 lbs(170g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Journey of Hanging scroll starts now: from Japan to the world

Kaitakudo Art

  • 1970
  • Hanging scroll
  • Taku Okazaki


Founded 50 years ago: Usain Bolt in hanging scroll industry

The origin of our country's hanging scroll dates back to around 850 AC when Chinese brought them to Japan.

Out of all the hanging scrolls produced in Japan, 70% of them are made in Gifu prefecture.

This place is considered as the best suited for production of hanging scrolls, because Nagara river provides the best quality of water with less irons and also it is where Mino paper, a world heritage of high quality paper, has survived through many years until present.

Not only such geographical reasons, but craftsmanship in Gifu have flourished with craftsmen's diligent effort to improve their skills of manufactures on paper and bamboo, necessary materials for hanging scrolls.


Modern lifestyle and hanging scroll

Tokonoma, guest rooms in traditional Japanese households, are where scrolls were usually hanged.

This place always had the important role of hospitality, delivering messages of the owner to the guests and other family members through the layouts and decorations.

The culture of Japanese rooms with Tokonoma and hanging scrolls are valued in Japan, as they work as a messenger.

We, the Kaikakudo Art, with 50 years of history proudly present our fully handmade hanging scrolls.

For Customers

New way of enjoying hanging scrolls

With changes in our lifestyle, there are fewer houses with Japanese rooms that go well with hanging scrolls.

With this trend, we have developed simple yet stylish hanging scrolls that blend well into our modern lifestyle.

Our products can naturally coexist with other art pieces and interior decorations.

By collaborating with many designers, we are challenging the "norm" and attempting to evolve hanging scrolls into one kind of an art.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality