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THE BAMBI INC. Hideaki TatebayashiHideaki Tatebayashi

Satori Natural series bi-fold wallet!

Only Bambi is allowed to process Matsusaka beef leather, and it is a bi-fold wallet that can only be obtained here.

Each item is processed by hand by craftsmen, and the oils and fats contained in the finest Matsusaka cowhide create a unique luster, and the more you use it, the more glossy it becomes.

Matsusaka beef, which is a representative of domestic beef, is strictly controlled not only for meat but also for cowhide, and each item is engraved with an individual identification number.

Therefore, you can see the production history of Matsusaka beef, which is the raw hide, on the website of "Mie Prefecture Matsusaka Meat Corporation".

The long wallet, packed with the thoughts of the producer and the skills of the craftsmen, comes in a black gift box and is ideal as a gift.


Manufacturer THE BAMBI INC.
Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique Leather work
Material Matsusaka leather (Matsusaka beef genuine cowhide), Nume leather
Size H3.85" * W4.52" * D0.98"(H9.8 * W11.5 * D2.5cm)
Weight 0.21 lbs(95g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Material : Surface = Matsuzaka cow leather, Back side = tanned leather
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


High-quality products trusted by major brands from all over the world


  • 1930
  • Leather goods
  • Hideaki Tatebayashi


Leather craft with 80 years of history

We founded in 1930 as a "Tatebayashi Store" in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.

We changed our name to "The BANBI Inc." in 1963.

We are proud to be the top share within the watch band industry for a long time.

With plenty of experiences and achievements through the long years of production, we launched the brand "SATOLI", producing and selling original leather goods using luxurious Matsuzaka cow leather.


The only manufacturer to deal Matsuzaka leather

All the manufacturing processes are carried out by skilled craftsmen in Japan, maintaining unquestioned quality in the name of "Made-in-Japan".

Because Matsuzaka cow leather contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acid oil, with enough warmth and friction the oil starts to melt and emerge into the surface of the leather.

This characteristic allows the leather surface to shine, the longer being used.In addition, "individual identification number" is stamped on each product so that we keep the transparency of what kind of cow it was and who the producer was.

Getting to know the origin of your delivered item can be another way to love your leather more.

For Customers

Aiming to be the ultimate made-in-japan manufacturer

The commitment and skills of craftsmen who have supported the traditional culture of Japan are being obsolete day by day with the development of technology and rationalism.

The spirit of protecting and reevaluating the disappearing yet authentic and high-quality is what "SATOLI" products are meant to carry to the next generation .

"SATOLI" is the ultimate made-in-Japan product that sticks to domestic production from up to down stream.

We wish each of the customers to use our product for a long time and grow old together.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality