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Tamatex Tomoya Tamai
Tomoya Tamai

The towel is fluffy and fluffy.

This is the finest Imabari towel brand that uses only the rare cotton selected by the towel sommelier and maintains a gentle touch and high water absorption.

It is a very satisfying gem that can be used in any gifting scene and makes anyone smile.


Manufacturer Tamatex
Country of origin Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Technique Imabari Towels
Material Highly scarce and valuable extra-long cotton
Size 23.62" * 47.24"(60*120cm)
Weight 0.65 lbs(296g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Material: 100% Greek Cotton, Imabari Towel Brand Certification Number: No. 2018-2027
Note Brand certification number: No. 2018-2026
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


A gift delivering your gratefulness


  • 1995
  • Imabari Towel
  • Tomoya Tamai


Nameless hero behind Imabari Towel world brand

As a wholesaler of the regional brand "Imabari Towel" in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, the company has been producing original towels for various companies for over 20 years.

And now, with the aim of "a towel that will last forever," we launched our own brand "sara-la." The name sara-la is derived from "Unonosarara", the child's name of the empress Jito.

The Empress Jito is known to actively participate in politics and has deep kindness and intelligence just like women nowadays.

I named it sara-la, wishing to empower and support modern women.


Fluffy texture remains even after several washes

Our towel sommelier chose the finest materials and craftsmen to deliver the ultimate quality towels.

By using rare cotton produced only in Greek, with a fiber length of 35mm and longer, our towels have comfortable fluffiness and pleasant feel when touched to your skin.

The softness remains even after several years of usage, always prioritizing comfortableness to your lives.

Our face towels are designed 10cm longer than usual, for those with long hair to have no problem wrapping it around to dry.

For Customers

Precious gifts for your beloved others

Our products go through strict standards on quality, in the name of "Imabari brand".

As towels being the commodity directly touching your skin, safety and relief always come first: above that, we are wishing to deliver joy and comfort to your daily lives .

We are proud, and confident of the quality of our products.

The decorations of silver engravement on washi paper (japanese paper) brings a luxurious look.

The bell-flower motif, with flower language of gratitude, attractiveness, and ever-lasting love, delivers our messages.

With such meaningful decorations, we would like to mediate transfer of happiness through gifts.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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