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Tamatex Tomoya TamaiTomoya Tamai

The towel is fluffy and fluffy.

This is the finest Imabari towel brand that uses only the rare cotton selected by the towel sommelier and maintains a gentle touch and high water absorption.

It is a very satisfying gem that can be used in any gifting scene and makes anyone smile.


Manufacturer Tamatex
Country of origin Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Technique Imabari Towels
Material Mexican cotton
Size 13.38" * 31.49"(34.0* 80.0cm)
Weight 0.33 lbs(150g)
Capacity oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Imabari Towel Brand Certification Number: No. 2019-2105
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Hand-Picked By Towel Experts - The Perfect Gift to Say “Thank You” to Someone Special


  • 1995
  • Imabari Towel
  • Tomoya Tamai


A Masterpiece Born From Manufacturing 300,000 Gift Towels a Year

Tamatex is a wholesale dealer of the world-famous Imabari towel located in the production region of Imabari, Ehime Prefecture.

For over 20 years, they have strived to fulfill the needs of customers through a diverse assortment of original towels.

Now, with the goal to create a towel that will be remembered forever, they have launched their own brand known as “sara-la.”

The name comes from Empress Jito’s childhood name of “Uno-no-Sarara.”

She was said to have actively participated in politics and was both deeply kind and extremely wise.

Tamatex desired to create a towel that brought serenity through softness to women working in all sorts of environments.

With this desire in mind, they decided to name the brand “sara-la.”


Stays Fluffy Even After Multiple Washes

sara-la towels are made with top-tier materials by expert craftspeople.

This includes rare cotton lavishly used to yield a supple and fluffy texture.

Alongside its softness, the towels were designed to retain their supple texture and high absorbency no matter how often they’re washed.

Each time they’re used, you’ll be able to relish their comfortable, nurturing character.

Just by wrapping a sara-la bath towel around your body after a bath, you’ll be able to quickly dry off without a fuss.

As for the face towel, it was designed to be longer than most, making it easier to use and allowing it to be used as a hair towel, too.

Message to Customers

A Special Gift for Someone Important

As an Imabari towel wholesaler, Tamatex has ensured that the Imabari brand is protected through serial numbers and other unique and strict quality control standards.

In this way, they are able to help spread the charm of authentic Imabari towels to a wider audience.

Furthermore, since towels are items that touch the skin on a daily basis, they have taken care to guarantee the Imabari towel experience for everyone, making them a pleasure to use every time.

So, rest assured, sara-la towels are a sure-fire gift for any occasion!

Each towel set is presented in a decorative box wrapped in Japanese “washi” paper adorned with silver foil stamping, exuding a classy, sophisticated character.

They are further bound by a majestic Japanese “mizuhiki” cord inspired by a Chinese bellflower.

When writing “Chinese bellflower” in Japanese, the kanji characters meaning “even more fortune” are used, making it an extremely lucky word and flower imbued with the traits of “tidiness,” “elegance,” “gentleness,” “sincerity,” and “eternal love.”

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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