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Tamatex Tomoya Tamai
Tomoya Tamai

This bath towel set is made in pursuit of the best towel gift.

American Sea Island cotton, known as "miracle cotton" for its rarity of cultivation and high fiber quality, is used.

The towels are delivered with a brand name and a brand certification number, which are given only to towels that meet the quality standards set by the Imabari Towel Manufacturers Association.

The beautiful and fluffy softness will add to the sense of happiness.

It is a perfect gift for couples for wedding celebrations, anniversaries, and other occasions.


Manufacturer sara-la
Country of origin Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Technique Imabari Towels
Material 100% cotton
Size W27.56 * D55.12 in.(W70 * D140cm)
Weight 0.86 Ibs (391g) * 2
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Imabari Towel Brand Certification Number: No. 2022-924
Cosmetic box size: approx. 19.68" x 14.76" x 4.13
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


A Gift that Leaves 7 Impressions


  • 1995
  • Imabari Towel
  • Tomoya Tamai


An Imabari towel brand developed over time

Imabari towels are now renowned worldwide as one of the most popular made-in-Japan products, but the history of Imabari towels is long, dating back to the Edo period.

Originally, Imabari City was blessed with abundant water resources, and as a cotton-producing region, cotton weaving flourished.

The water was soft enough for bleaching and dyeing, gentle to the fibers, and soft to the finish, so cotton became the exclusive product of the Imabari Clan.

In the Meiji period (1868-1912), the need for plain cotton, the area’s main product, declined, but towels were developed to take its place.

Later, even when Imabari faced hardships and damage from the war, the local industry persevered until it recovered and finally established the "Imabari Towel Brand".

As a wholesaler in Imabari, Tamatex has worked to carry on the traditional techniques of the area while planning and delivering high-quality products with the motto of accurately responding to customer needs.



Delivering towels with a caliber that only an Imabari wholesaler can.

What exactly is a high-quality towel? There are many things one could consider, such as suppleness, fluffiness, absorbency, and durability; but when a customer actually chooses a towel, they likely pay attention first and foremost to the place of production and brand.

Imabari towels are characterized by the thread being bleached and dyed and first, while "Imabari towels brand" in particular have excellent water absorbency and safety.

Only towels that have passed the quality standards set by the Imabari Towel Manufacturers Association are allowed to use the brand mark and logo.

In addition, we maintain a high inspection standard through our own thorough management.

Our sara-la products are made of the highest quality raw materials with top-of-class thread length and have a special delicate touch and enveloping softness that makes them a pleasure to use.

The skill and attention to detail of our seasoned craftsmen results in a wonderful balance of comfort, durability, and functionality.

As a wholesaler based in the production area, we can confidently recommend these fluffy and happy towels.


For Customers

Towel gifts to impress your loved ones

Our own brand "sara-la" was born after more than 20 years of carefully listening to our customers' voices and implementing their feedback while producing various original towels.

The brand name is based on “Uno no sara-la,” the childhood nickname of the legendary Empress Jito, who was quite active politically active, bestowed her deep kindness and wisdom in many endeavors.

Our initial goal was to create a towel that busy modern women could snuggle up with to catch a moment of serenity in their daily lives.

We then thoroughly pursued the question of what we could do to impress those who receive the towels as gifts.

The answer we came up with was "A Gift that Leaves 7 Impressions.

” Her first thrilling impression comes from the high-quality packaging.

Second, she enjoys using all five senses as she opens the box.

Third, she is involuntarily smitten by the soft touch of the towel.

Fourth, she is surprised by the comfort and absorbency of the towels when using them for the first time.

Fith, she experiences the lasting quality as she continues to use them.

Sixth, she reads the thoughts of the creator through the message card from the craftsman.

And finally, her heart is filled with gratitude towards the person who gave it to her.

We deliver our products with such images of our customers in mind.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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