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This fan, produced by a long-established store, expresses the beauty of the changing seasons with the fragrance and beautiful colors of the Chintohana flower. The exquisite design, which evokes the image of sunlight falling at the end of summer and the autumn wind gently peeking out, will make you feel soft and comfortable every time you use it. The quality of the fragrance is also carefully selected, so you can carry it in your bag as a portable fragrance for a variety of occasions.。

A fan to enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of the changing seasons

Characteristics of the fan1

A fan to enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of the changing seasons

The "Fragrant Fan Utsushika" expresses the changing of the seasons with gradation of colors and fragrance. This is a fan from the "Iro ha nihoheto" series, a new type of fragrance created by a long-established Kyoto fan store under the theme of "Fragrance".

The colors of this Yozashizashi x Chintohana incense are inspired by the sunlight that pours down at the end of summer and the autumn wind that gently peeks out of the face. The elegant golden color and the warm orange color are exquisitely mixed to decorate the fan.

The fragrance of Chintohana, which is characterized by its elegant sweetness, is added to it, making this a very elaborate item. It is a very elegant item that is both beautiful to the eye and soothing to the senses. It is a gem that not only cools you down, but also stimulates various senses and makes you feel graceful.

The finest Kyoto-style folding fan made by a long-established fan store

Characteristics of the fan 2

The finest Kyoto-style folding fan made by a long-established fan store

The folding fan itself is of very high quality, as it is produced by Onishi Tsune Shoten, a long-established fan store in Kyoto that has been in business for more than 100 years. As is said to be a sign of a good folding fan, the top "top" of the fan is tight when it is closed, and the paper on the fan surface does not protrude at all when viewed from the side.

This fan is made of paper, which is considered more expensive than cloth because it takes more time to make, and has a solid structure with 25 fan bones. The high-density bamboo used for the fan bone is highly durable, and it flexes well when elevated.

The most attractive thing about these fans is not only their beauty, but also that they are first-class fans made by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

Optional personalization and re-scenting available

Characteristics of the fan 3

Optional personalization and re-scenting available

The bones of the fan can be personalized. Since this is a high-quality fan, personalizing it will make it even more special. You can choose from gold, silver, or black for the number of letters (about 6), and the color of the letters can be coordinated to match the color of the fan and the fan bone.

The fragrance of the fan lasts about 6 months to a year. If you feel that the fragrance has become weak, you can reapply the fragrance. You can keep the healing fragrance on your fan forever without it fading.

Both personalization and re-scenting are optional, but it is nice to see the attention to detail that ensures long-lasting use.

A size that fits comfortably in a woman's hand

Detail of fan1

A size that fits comfortably in a woman's hand

The general length of a women's fan is about 19-20 cm, and this fan is 19.5 cm long; it is not too large for a woman's hand and is easy to use.

Fans are useful not only in spring and after when the sun is shining and you feel sweaty, but also in winter when facilities are heated frequently. Since they are small enough to carry around easily, you can keep them in your bag and go out with a soft and pleasant fragrance.

For those who often use a fan when going out, we recommend using the separately sold fan bag together.

Elegant and gentle fragrance that is as particular as the fan.

Detail of fan 2

Elegant and gentle fragrance that is as particular as the fan.

The fan arrives in a special paper box, wrapped in the elegant wrapping paper of Onishi Tsune Shoten. The moment you unwrap the box, open it, and remove the fan from the interior plastic bag, a gentle fragrance wafts through the air.

If the fragrance is too strong for the nose, it might leak out when the wrapping paper is unwrapped, but this is not the case. Once you hold it in your hand, you will feel as if you want to keep looking up to it.

Since the product was created as a fragrance, it is clear that the "quality of the fragrance" is also a priority.

A fan with a spreading tail is a good-luck item suitable for gift-giving

Send a fan as a gift

A fan with a spreading tail is a good-luck item suitable for gift-giving

A fan is considered a good omen because of its "endless spreading" shape. For this reason, they are always worn at life's milestones, such as weddings and the seven-five-three-three festival. Similarly, they are also appreciated as gifts. It is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, longevity celebrations, and other occasions when you want to congratulate or express your gratitude.

BECOS's wrapping service allows you to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki wrapping cloth, and other uniquely Japanese materials. In addition, when it is not possible to hand-deliver the gift in person, the service also includes typing the text you wish to convey on a message card.

Make it a thoughtful gift, picturing the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in his or her hand.


Rie Ohnishi

A palm-sized aroma (unisex) that gives off a scent and color every time you fan.

I painted vivid colors inspired by nature and the colors of the four seasons on the fan surface, and trapped the scent according to the image in the fan.

Every time you fan, a faint scent drifts from your hand, and it also has a relaxing effect.

It's a perfect gift item.

The color is a color pattern that imagines the sunlight shining in late summer and the autumn breeze that gently looks into the face, and the scent is a gorgeous and sexy scented flower that smells exciting. It is the scent of.


Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Kyoto Folding Fans
Material Paper, bamboo
Size L7.67" * W13.97"/25Bones(H19.5*W35.5 / 25本骨cm)
Weight 0.04 lbs(20g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Persistence of scent: 6 months to 1 year
If you order a fan with your name written on it, we will put your name on the inside of the fan bone.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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