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Foo Tokyo Masaaki KuwabaraMasaaki Kuwabara

This is the ultimate premium nightgown that is a blend of "white cashmere", which is said to be the finest in cashmere and can only take a few percent of raw wool, and cotton grown in the melted snow of the Silk Road.

It has high heat retention and hygroscopicity, and it looks like it is wrapped in marshmallows.

The seams that come into direct contact with the skin are bag seams that are also used in baby clothes, so it is safe for people with sensitive skin.

The waist area has a wide range of motion, and the obi area does not get confused.

Patterners involved in collection brands around the world designed silhouettes and specifications, and sewed them at a Japanese factory with world-class sewing technology that supports famous Western Maisons.

Enjoy a light, gentle and comfortable gown.


Manufacturer Foo Tokyo
Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique Sewing
Material Cashmere 17%, cotton 83%
Size Dress Length: 51.18", Bosom: 47.63", Hip: 48.42"(着丈 130/ バスト 121/ ヒップ123/ 裾131.4/ ゆき丈83/ 袖口37.5cm)
Weight 0 lbs(g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Model height 170 cm, one size fits all, unisex
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Luxury when you are not doing anything

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  • Masaaki Kuwabara


Aiming for a luxury brand from Japan

I worked in the finance industry in my previous job, living a work-oriented life from morning till late at night.

I worked in the highly competitive financial industry and craved a relaxing moment.

Foo Tokyo's starting point and goal, like myself at the time, is to provide people who want to relieve fatigue "to provide a relaxing time." p>

I have traveled many times to fabric stores and garment factories that produce products of the premier Western brands.

While receiving many payments in advance, I gradually increased the number of supporters by telling craftsmen the spirit of founding.

We create brands with the desire to enhance the quality of the time from when a person returns home to when they leave the next day.

A luxury brand crowned the world.

We create a long-awaited Japan brand from Japan where gears of business, design and art mesh with them.



"Foo", a serif symbol of peace

Nightwear p>

Using rare scarpy cotton luxuriously, we have created a patterner silhouette that has supported many collection brands.

This is a gem carefully crafted with the ultimate sewing technology.

We are particular about each seam so as to minimize stress on the skin.

We are pursuing the finest comfort by taking full advantage of the features of the fabric.


Towels p>

Towels are used at luxury hotel "Kifune Ugenta" in Kyoto.

In the cotton production volume, we use the finest organic cotton with only 0.01% or less of the yield, and produced outstanding water absorption and feel.

These are just the gem that promise a high-quality relaxation filled with the spirit of Japanese traditional manufacturing.

For Customers

The best materials and the best sewing technology in Japan

The items we propose are not inexpensive items because they use the best fabrics in Japan and sew in the best factories in Japan.

However, compromising fabrics and formulas to reach affordable prices is against our aesthetics.

No other country, like Japan, unconsciously has an aesthetic sense of envy from the world.

And there are many craftsmen with excellent technology that promises finesse, elaboration and security.

We create luxury brands never before seen in Japan.

Experience the finest "Foo" with high-quality relaxation made by skilled craftsmen and the highest quality materials.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality