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Metal Butterfly Shigeyuki AokiShigeyuki Aoki

The only metal reversible bow tie in the world.

A single aluminum plate is processed and custom-painted.

The motif is Papillion Ulysses (Japanese name: Ulysses butterfly), which lives in northeastern Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, etc. and is also called "butterfly carrying happiness".

The reversible design has different impressions so that you can enjoy it both officially and casually!

Please enjoy the coordination according to the scene!


Manufacturer Metal Butterfly
Country of origin Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Technique Sheet Metal Processing
Material Aluminum, silk
Size 4.33" * 2.36"(11*6cm)
Weight 0.18 lbs(80g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Comes with a vanity case and a special pouch (made of microfiber)
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Connecting people to each other and coloring the best moments of life


  • 1989
  • Precision sheet metal processing
  • Shigeyuki Aoki

    Yasuyuki Takahashi

    Takafumi Tsukazaki


We, Nissei Industry, are a precision sheet metal processing company with a total of seven people, who have been in business for 30 years this year.

We mainly manufacture housings and parts for industrial equipment such as medical equipment, food processing machinery, and equipment clocks.

"Is it possible to make fashion items that make use of sheet metal processing technology for me?"

When I decided to take over the business for generations, I had various conflicts and worries.

The vision that I saw through the conflict was "Make the feature." p>

We aim to be a content-based company that creates “things” and “things” by envisioning what the future should be, looking at the present from the future.

In exploring the development of new products that embody such a vision, I find out about Sapeur in the Republic of the Congo.

In spite of their modest income of about $ 300 a month, they wander around the city in high-end suits and shoes such as Prada and Yohji Yamamoto.

In addition to their gorgeous appearance, they never neglect their inner quest for strong ethics and sincere humanity, and their living appearance is elegant itself.

In the long-running civil war in the Congo, "Metal Butterfly" was born inspired by the message they sent, "Let's throw away weapons and live peacefully and elegantly."


Solve difficult problems with the help of trusted local colleagues

Metal Butterfly is an unusual aluminum bow tie manufactured using precision sheet metal processing technology.

The motif is a butterfly that actually exists on the earth, and its original form formed from a single aluminum plate, vivid and deep gradation, and reversible specifications on both sides are large.

It is a feature.

The production is supported by the technology of trusted locals in Ibaraki Prefecture.



Butterfly expression, which is a very important element for Metal Butterfly, was a joy to take on this difficult role.

Yasuyuki Takahashi, a painter of "Y's Factory", a senior who also worked on revitalizing the city.

Surface painting uses the painting techniques used in custom paint for motorcycles and cars.

From base to top coat, paint and polish are repeated more than 7 times to express unique depth and gradation.

He repeatedly gave new suggestions and improvements on how to reproduce the real beauty of butterflies while comparing the butterfly picture books of the world many times.

Neck band


Usually, the surface of the bow tie is determined, but when creating the sample, "If the motif is different on the front and back, You can enjoy both sides.

Takafumi Tsukazaki of "Design lab" Lights "created the groundbreaking neckband to realize this idea.

From the reversible specifications, expressing the image of Africa with a neckband, and trying to make beautiful specifications with no visible seams, I chose the material to use and the sewing method.

He was involved in making countless prototypes.

Without the backing of friends, the world's first single-piece aluminum bow tie would not have been possible.

For Customers

For Customers

What I sought was the gloss and beauty of a real butterfly

Nowadays many people wear bow ties casually, but I think that there are many formal scenes where bow ties are worn.

Concerts such as parties and classics where dress codes are required, such as weddings and awards ceremonies.

In a situation where dignity and gratitude as an adult are required, I think that fashion is more about “care for the other” than just dressing up.

Fashion is "embodiment of mind" and communication.

In such a situation, the playfulness of “Metal Butterfly” is casual and will give you a unique personality.

The front side expresses the color of a real butterfly wing, and the back side is treated with a watermark pattern for playfulness.

Enjoy the aspects you like according to the mood of the day and the taste of the party you are attending.

I hope that you can enjoy the future together with how Metal Butterfly will flutter in the future.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

Customer Reviews

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Looking forward to wear it

I decided to buy a look at instant. I feel that the gradient is said that craftsmanship in the beautiful. Because the metal, comfortable to wear was worried but there was no problem. I look forward to go out wearing.

To I.K, for this time Thank you for your purchase. You say street, there are more surprised if I am actually wearing the smoothness of its lightness and surface. Since it becomes a part close to the important your face, to finish we have more finish to care about. By any chance, it does not hurt the skin as well as hit the corners of the wings, not please use it with confidence. I am glad if you can liven up the mood at the time of going out!

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