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GRAVIMORPH Shotaro NozakiShotaro Nozaki

We aimed to create an item that would give busy modern people a chance to return to their childhood and enjoy themselves, relaxing and healing their heads.

You can enjoy irregular and quaint movements that utilize the power of nature and comfortable tones.

The reception room, study, VIP room, lounge, bar, etc. will match elegantly regardless of Japanese or Western style, so please experience the playfulness that adults really made.


Manufacturer GRAVIMORPH
Country of origin Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Technique Metal processing
Material Metal Stainless 304 Black Dyed, Wood Walnut
Size W12.99"×D2.36"×H2.36"(W33.0×D6.0×H6.0cm)
Weight 2.65 lbs(1200g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


A new healing moment created by Tsubamesanjo's technological capabilities

Nozaki Works

  • 1092
  • Metal Processing
  • Kiichiro Nozaki


Technology cultivated long history of manufacturing in Tsubamesanjo

Tsubamesanjo has developed as a "manufacturing town" since the Edo period when farmers suffering from flooding of rivers were encouraged to make Japanese nails.

Our roots are Nozaki Seisakusho (store name Hisakazu Nozaki), which was founded by the first president, Yoshichi Nozaki, in 1902 at Tsubamesanjo.

At the time of our founding, we manufactured hardware such as wooden chests of drawers and have been involved in the processing of various metal products to meet the needs of the times.

Tsubamesanjo has become one of the leading metal processing towns in Japan, but in recent years, overseas products have dominated the market and the number of local companies is decreasing year by year.

"GRAVIMORPH" was born while searching for something epoch-making products by making the best use of Tsubamesanjo craftsman's high technique of "cutting, shaving and polishing".

I met Professor Kazushige Higuchi, a designer who teaches at Aichi University of Education, because I wanted to create a brand that Japan can be proud of in the world in the luxury market for adults with the technology of Tsubame Sanjo.

A completely new contemporary art product "GRAVIMORPH" was born by re-producing the original plan for sophisticated adults.


For interiors that "coexist with nature" that make the most of what they are

GRAVIMORPH is a coined word that combines the two words GRAVITATION (gravity) and MORPHOLOGY (morphology), and means "modeling that moves by gravity".

The combination (encounter) of simple shapes of things creates simple and unique movements and pleasant tones when influenced by the force of nature, gravity.

Gravimorph was completed by combining the technologies of Tsubamesanjo.

Metal rails and wood are combined like a puzzle with precision processing precision rather than using glue or welding.

This cannot be done without very high technology.

By doing so, you can enjoy it for a long time without changing its shape over the years.

We also devise post-treatment so that you can enjoy the original beauty of metal and wood materials.

The metal is not painted or plated, but is dyed black to leave a natural texture, and the wood is painted with a minimal amount of colorless and transparent urethane so that the grain can be beautifully expressed.


This is based on the idea of ​​"coexisting with nature" that the Japanese have had since ancient times.

The Japanese have a culture of incorporating nature into their lives, just as they loved the Japanese gardens "Shishi-odoshi" and "wind chimes." p>

Gravimorph is a healing gem for adults born from such an idea unique to Japan.

For Customers

Have a relaxing time so that working adults can return to their childhood

The designer, Professor Higuchi, is a specialist in early childhood education, and Gravimorph's original idea was an idea that stimulated children's sensibilities.

Children are play geniuses.

Everyone should have had an experience of being absorbed in one thing when they were children.

I thought that I could make a healing item that would allow adults in their prime to return to their childhood, and arranged the original plan for adults, which is unique, relaxing, and interior.

Gravimorph is an expression of the elements.

Enjoy the irregular and quaint movements that utilize the power of nature and the pleasant tones.


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