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Nousaku Chiharu NousakuChiharu Nousaku

It is a basket that can be transformed freely by taking advantage of the characteristics of soft tin.

It can be easily bent by hand, so please change the shape according to the scene and application.

You can also use it in combination, so please enjoy it with your own arrangement.


Manufacturer Nousaku
Country of origin Toyama Prefecture, Japan
Technique Takaoka Bronze Casting
Material 100% tin
Size H1.18" * W9.84" * D9.84"(H3.0*W25.0*D25.0cm)
Weight 1.64 lbs(745g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven ×, Dishwasher ×, Storage in refrigerator long time ×
Note Please refrain from excessive bending and stretching. After bending and stretching, it does not completely return to its original shape.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)


Make more capable castings, more capable


  • 1916
  • Takaoka Bronze Casting
  • Yoshiharu Nousaku


Takaoka, Japan's number one casting town

Takaoka Copperware is said to have originated from the fact that Toshinaga Maeda, the second feudal lord of the Kaga domain, invited seven foundries (imoji) from his hometown to set up a foundry in Kanayamachi in 1611 in order to promote the industry.


Initially, we made daily necessities such as pots and kettles and farm tools such as plows and hoe, but now we are making various products according to the needs of the times, and Takaoka will eventually make castings.

It has become known all over Japan as a town.

We, Nousaku, were founded in 1916 and have expanded our business by manufacturing Buddhist utensils, tea utensils, vases, etc.

However, after that, lifestyle changes and the economic downturn will put us in a difficult situation.

Therefore, we will proceed with the development of our own products as a new challenge.



Unconventional idea from the user's perspective

The trigger was an exhibition held in Tokyo in 2001.

Based on the voice of a salesperson, I attached a strip of brass bell to a wind chime and launched it as a wind chime, which became a big hit with over 1,000 pieces a month.

Also, there is a voice saying "customers want tableware" and usually tin is processed by adding other metals to increase hardness, but "if it bends, its characteristics By multiplying the idea of ​​"Let's make use of it", we created the industry's first "bending tableware".

Since then, we have been trying to develop products that respond to the voices of users.


For Customers

Tourism industry that conveys "things" and "hearts"

We are engaged in an industrial tourism business that not only makes "things" but also conveys "things" and "hearts".

A new office building with the theme of industrial tourism was opened in 2017, and the number of visitors exceeded 100,000 in 2018.

A factory tour where you can feel the craftsmanship that supports traditional crafts with all five senses, a casting experience, a cafe where you can enjoy local ingredients with Nousaku vessels, etc.

It is a place to enjoy.

Please come and experience the depth of our commitment and craftsmanship locally.



2017 Toyama Prefecture Manufacturing Award" Excellence Award p>

2019 Industrial Tourism Town Development Award p>

2020 Souvenir Grand Prix 2020 Encouragement Award