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The edgy shape of this set of drinking vessels gives it a sophisticated impression. The shape of the sake cups is broad from the bottom to the mouth, making them very smooth to the palate. With a capacity of approximately 45 ml, it is the same size as a standard sake cup. It is recommended when you want to enjoy your favorite sake slowly, whether it is cold or hot. It would also make a great festive gift!

Sake cups made of Takaoka copperware, a traditional craft with a history of more than 400 years

Sake cup feature 1

Traditional crafts with a history of over 400 years

This 100% tin gulping cup is made in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, the largest casting town in Japan. It is produced by Nosaku, a brand of Takaoka copperware that created the industry's first "bendable tableware.

Since the Edo period, Takaoka's cast metal has carved out a history of more than 400 years, and Nosaku is a brand that continues to produce products with a high level of design in line with the times, based on free ideas not bound by preconceived notions.

Tin cups with excellent properties as drinking vessels

Sake cup feature 2

Tin with excellent properties as a drinking vessel

Tin is a material often used as a "sake cup" that can take full advantage of its properties. One of its advantages is its thermal conductivity. Its greatest feature is that it keeps hot food warm and cold food colder.

Tin also has an ionic effect, which helps to mellow the taste of water and sake by removing impurities. In addition, tin is resistant to rust and has excellent moisture proofing properties. This explains why various types of tin drinking vessels are made, such as sake cups, cups for sake drinking, and tumblers.

Congratulatory tin drinking vessel that invites

Sake cup feature 3

Congratulatory sake cups inviting "good fortune

The set includes two types of sake cups: a silver-colored one made entirely of tin and a gold-colored one with gold leaf on the inside. The gold and silver shine beautifully and give a very festive impression. The slightly uneven nashiji (pear-like) texture of the cups also gives them a luxurious feel, making them an excellent item that you will want to use on special occasions.

You will want to use this item when you and your family, or when you have guests over to enjoy good conversation and a delicious meal while sipping sake slowly. The bright shine of this item will add a touch of color to your dining table.

This small sake cup is also stylish when used as a vessel for serving a single dish. It is useful when you want to serve a small amount of snacks in a stylish way.

Tin sake cups to enjoy a little sake like a cup of sake

Details of cups1

Enjoy a little bit of sake like a cup of sake

The sake cup is characterized by a shape that expands from the bottom to the mouth, making it very smooth to the palate. Unlike the inside of the sake cup, which has a gentle curve, the outside has an edgy shape that gives it a sophisticated look.

With a capacity of approximately 45ml, it is the same size as a standard Ochoko. It is ideal for enjoying your favorite sake slowly, whether it is cold or hot.

Because it is made of metal, it feels more solid and heavier than glass or ceramic drinking vessels, so it is also more stable in the hand.

Tin drinking vessels with a festive impression are recommended as gifts.

Details of cups2

Sake cups with a congratulatory impression are recommended as gifts.

The sake cups arrive in a luxurious special box and are recommended as gifts as well as for home use.

Tin is a metal that does not decay easily, making it an ideal gift for wedding gifts and longevity celebrations as a symbol of constancy. Also, sake cups have long been used in Shinto rituals and other occasions. Because of its festive impression, it is a gift that is sure to please when presented as a congratulatory gift.

A mini pamphlet with an explanation of the brand is also enclosed, showing that this is an excellent product that makes full use of traditional techniques cultivated in Japanese culture. Since there is also an explanation in English, we recommend this as a gift for people overseas.


NOUSAKU Chiharu Nousaku
Chiharu Nousaku

Blessed Sake Cup Set

This is a set of two sake cups, one made of tin and the other with gold leaf.

Tin is a metal that does not decay easily, so it is a material of good luck with wishes for longevity and good health.

It is said that tin makes the taste of Japanese sake milder.

It is perfect for longevity celebrations.


Manufacturer NOUSAKU
Country of origin Toyama Prefecture, Japan
Technique Takaoka Bronze Casting
Material 100% tin,gold leaf
Size W2.4 * D2.4 * H1.34 in. (W6.1 * D6.1 * H3.4cm)
Weight 0.66 lbs(300g)
Capacity 1.52 oz(45ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave x, Dishwasher x, Dryer x, Long-term storage in refrigerator x
Note Wash with a soft sponge and neutral kitchen detergent.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)

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