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Hineno Katsujiro Syoten


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Hineno Katsujiro Syoten Kouji HinenoKouji Hineno

A band for Apple Watch made from Kyoyuzen fabric that is compatible with all models in series 1-5.

The minimalist design and sharp belt pursues modernity while being a craft.

The top and bottom are sold separately, so you can enjoy any combination.

Each item is a unique item, so if you have a pattern you like, please purchase it as soon as possible.

Made in Kyoto's one-of-a-kind item is a gem that will surely be appreciated as a gift with a special feeling.


Manufacturer Hineno Katsujiro Syoten
Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing
Material Front: 100% silk, Back: Cowhide, Metal part: Stainless steel
Size 1.57"(1.49")/6 o'clock side(40(38)mm/6時側用cm)
Weight 0.02 lbs(7g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment If it gets wet from rain or sweat, the color may transfer to your clothes. Wipe off the water with a dry cloth and store it.
Note Since the natural fibers are dyed by hand, there may be color skipping or color loss. Color transfer or discoloration may occur due to water wetting or rubbing. It uses a delicate silk fabric and wears out depending on the frequency and method of use.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


The challenge of a dye shop that continues for three generations in Kyoto

Hineno Katsujiro Syoten

  • 1952
  • Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing
  • Kouji Hineno


Producer who bundles 150 companies

The first Hineno Jiro opened a store in Mibu in 1952.

Currently, we have moved the store to Nishijin and have been engaged in the Kyo-dyeing business for three generations.

Yuminaya is also called a dye shop in Kyoto and works like a producer in a modern way, and has been involved in dyeing kimono fabrics for generations.

150 houses with high dyeing and weaving technology, making use of the huge number of designs, Yuzen patterns, and dyeing samples that have been accumulated over the years in this land of Kyoto, which is known as one of the leading dyeing producing areas in Japan.

Together with the above craftsmen, as a general producer of Kyo-dyeing and as a company that will bear the future of Kyo-dyeing, we carry out careful manufacturing every day.

Silk with a width of one shaku (about 38 cm), which is rare in the world specializing in kimono, can bring out the craftsman's hand-dyed technique and technique to the maximum, and has a unique color.

The pattern and texture are born.

However, the kimono has disappeared little by little, and the chances of getting our dyed fabrics to pick up have decreased.

"I want as many people as possible to pick up the fabric we created."

Silk hand-dyed by craftsmen for kimono with such thoughts.

We use the same fabric to make items that blend into modern life.


Making items that blend in with your lifestyle

Silk Apple Watch band "Chameleon Band for Apple Watch"

Kyoyuzen craftsmen use hand-dyed kimono fabric on the surface to maximize the beauty of the fabric.

I designed the mold from scratch and created the form of the band.

The belt with a minimalist design and a sharp impression gives it a modern appearance while being a craft.

This band, which shows various expressions depending on the fabric and dyeing, can be purchased separately for the top and bottom, so feel free to coordinate according to your mood and situation.

The buckle uses a D buckle that does not easily damage the delicate silk fabric and is easy to remove.


This is also a mask made from silk fabric dyed by Kyoto Yuzen craftsmen and can be washed and used repeatedly.

In addition to enjoying the colors and patterns of Kyoyuzen, we are particular about functionality.

We used silk fabric with excellent hygroscopicity, moisture release and heat retention, UV protection, washable non-woven fabric to prevent splash infection, and cotton gauze dyed with genuine indigo, which has antibacterial and deodorant effects.

It has a three-layer structure.

Also, it is comfortable to use for a long time with a soft elastic cord that does not hurt your ears.

Dyeing and sewing are all done by Kyoto craftsmen.

It is highly durable and can be used for more than 2 months with repeated washing every day.

For Customers

Kimono that maximizes the technical skills of craftsmen

The narrow cloth dyed by Kyoyuzen craftsmen has been mainly used as a cloth for kimono.

Even if you look around the world, there is no other production area that is so passionate about dyeing and manually performs a wide variety of delicate and delicate processing.

While the demand for kimono is declining, we want many people to pick up the fabric we dyed.

Kyoyuzen fabric made by many craftsmen.

I hope you can feel the craftsmanship and the soft luster and texture of the silk fabric.


2016 Traditional crafts Kyo Yuzen (stencil dyeing section) Traditional craftsman certification

2018 Kyoto Prefecture "Genkiin" SME certification