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Yoshiro Kato

We made a pendant that is easy to coordinate with clothes so that you can easily enjoy the charm of Owari Cloisonne.

A cute pendant with a lovely ball pattern.

I dare to give it a soft image by giving it a less glossy texture.


Country of origin Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Technique Owari Cloisonne
Material Copper, silver, glassy glaze
Size 1.18" * 0.78"(3.0*2.05cm)
Weight 0 lbs(g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Since the surface is glassy, ​​it is dangerous because it may be damaged if it receives strong impact or heat. When cleaning, wipe it dry with a soft cloth, or lightly polish it with a soft sponge and a neutral detergent. Never use a hard object such as a steel scrubbing brush.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


The new shape of Owari Cloisonne


  • 1948
  • Owari Cloisonne
  • Katsumi Kato, Yoshiro Kato


Tradition inheritance and new challenges

Kato Shichiho Seisakusho set up a workshop in Nagoya in 1948 as a kiln for the traditional craft "Owari Shichiho".

My father has a career of about half a century in Owari Shichiho, and in 2010 he was certified as the first traditional craftsman in the Owari Shichiho industry.

After graduating from the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts in 2005, I entered the family business of Shichiho no Michi at the age of 25 and learned traditional techniques from my second generation father, Katsumi.

In April 2010, I was appointed as the third representative of Kato Shichiho Seisakusho.

With the skills of Owari Cloisonne cultivated over many years, while inheriting the products that represent Owari Cloisonne such as vases and frame products, we have been actively working on the development of original products with different industries.

We are always looking for a new "shape of cloisonne" that is not available.



A gem that condenses the charm of the cloisonne

Cloisonne refers to a high-purity metal and vitreous glaze fired at a high temperature (around 800 degrees Celsius) and fused.

The history of cloisonne is old, and the prototype of cloisonne was already made in ancient Egypt.

It is said that in the 6th and 7th centuries, it moved to China via the Silk Road and was introduced to Japan around 750.

There are various processes to make one cloisonne, and each of them is mainly handicrafts that require a very precise and delicate sense.

In particular, the wired technique, which is said to be the greatest feature of Owari Cloisonne, is extremely rare because it requires advanced and skilled techniques among many cloisonne techniques.

The cloisonne accessories have condensed the charm of Owari cloisonne into a small world.

These are new-style accessories that are particular about traditional techniques and designs.


For Customers

Preserving and nurturing a refined tradition

Currently, "Owari Cloisonne" has been designated as a traditional craft and is familiar to many people in various ways that match modern life.

Each piece is created with the utmost effort, and is the crystallization of the craftsman's desire for ultimate beauty.

At our factory, we support a wide range of works by establishing a system for consistent production, and we are striving to pass on the technology.

Utilizing the accumulated technology and experience, we will think about what we can do and constantly search for a new "shape of Owari cloisonne" that has never existed before.



2009 Restoration of "Giboshi" at Taikyokuden (Heijokyo Ruins) p>

2018 Certified as a traditional craftsman

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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