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Wayuan Katsuhijko Noyori
Katsuhijko Noyori

A bangle made by a Buddhist altar fitting craftsman.

The design is based on a Japanese pattern, using various anchor metal fitting techniques such as embossing and watermarking.

It is also recommended to layer and coordinate your favorite designs.


Manufacturer Wayuan
Country of origin Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Technique Owari Butsugu
Material 950 silver
Size φ2.75" * H0.66"(Φ7.0*H1.7cm)
Weight 0.05 lbs(23g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Beauty cultivated in tradition


  • 1970
  • Owari Butsugu
  • Katsuhijko Noyori


To the metal fittings craftsman who has been looking at his back since he was a child

We are a company that makes Buddhist altar fittings used in shrines and temples, and decorative metal fittings attached to roofs.

Originally, my mother's parents' house made decorative metal fittings for generations, where my father trained and became independent and became the foundation of the current company.

Since my home was also my workplace, I grew up looking at my father's back as a craftsman since I was a kid, and after graduating from college I entered the same path as my father.

In 1988, the company name was changed to "Noyori Co., Ltd." and it continues to this day.


Warm and gentle design created by high technology

It inherits the technique of Kazari metal fittings, which has been developed along with Aichi's traditional craft "Owari Buddhist altar".

Buddhist altars Buddhist altars, decorative metal fittings that attach to gods and festivals are called "anchor metal fittings".

We manufacture accessories and miscellaneous goods that make use of that technology.

Introducing new technologies such as CAD, NC engraving machine, CO2 laser processing machine, etc.

in the traditional technology, and I also use forging, cloisonne, high-flesh carving, etc.

We are also learning techniques such as inlaying, and are constantly working on making metal fittings with the aim of evolving.

We have delivered a large number of products to Motoyama, Betsuin, famous temples, and cultural properties nationwide in response to a wide variety of advanced requests.

The characteristic technique is the kicking technique that expresses a continuous "wedge pattern" and the technique of arranging round grains called "Nanaco" one by one, which is warm and gentle.

We are aiming for a smooth finish.

For Customers

I want people outside the Buddhist altar industry to know and get it

Kazari metal fittings, this character is a national character that means "decorate fragrantly" and "dignified" with "gold".

I have "pride and pride" in the weighty words and am devoting myself every day.

Buddhist altars The Buddhist altar industry is declining due to lifestyle changes and religious alienation.

Therefore, we aim to make people outside the Buddhist altar and Buddhist altar industry aware of the metal fittings, create a place for the next generation of craftsmen to play an active role, and pass on the technology.

I will.

We will continue to challenge various works and deliver them to everyone.


Traditional Craft "Owari Buddhist Equipment" Traditional Craftsman p>

Owari Buddhist Equipment Technology Preservation Society First Chairman p>

2010 39th Traditional Crafts Japan Metalwork Exhibition Selected

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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