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Some no Shiki Kenzo Makino
Kenzo Makino

Camellias slowly expand their hard buds and wait for spring.

This is a Yuzen-dyed panel produced by the same method used to make Kaga Yuzen kimonos.

We are seeking for an expression of yuzen not only to be worn and enjoyed, but also to enrich modern life as an interior decoration.

We will convey to you the casual gestures of the four seasons in Japan, along with the taste of the dyeing process.


Manufacturer Kenzo Makino
Country of origin Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Technique Kaga Yuzen
Material Silk
Size W4.72 * H5.31 in. (W12 * H13.5cm)
Weight 0.03 lbs(15g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Please note that the gold leaf may peel off due to friction.
Please avoid storing in an airtight space with high humidity.
Note Frame and stand are not included.
It can be hung in a ready-made frame.
The photo shows a framed image.
It is backed with fabric dyed in Kaga Yuzen and mounted on thick paper.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)
Some no Shiki


The entire process is carried out by one person with expert skills.

Some no Shiki

  • 1987
  • Kaga Yuzen
  • Kenzo Makino
Some no Shiki


Inheriting 500 years of tradition

1956 Born in Toyama City

1975 Worked on Kyoto Yuzen designs in Kyoto

1977 Introduced to Kaga Yuzen artist Yusui Toku

1987 Became an independent artist

2008 Certified as a traditional craftsman

I have been making Kaga Yuzen for 40 years. I have been making Kaga Yuzen for 40 years now.

I have been making products other than kimonos in search of new expressions.

Please feel the beauty of nature in your daily life.

Some no Shiki


Possibilities other than Kimono

The production of Kaga Yuzen is a division of labor divided into more than a dozen processes, including the creation of designs, preliminary sketches, glue placement, coloring, and ground dyeing.

For this reason, many craftsmen are generally involved in the production.

I, however, create all the processes by myself.

In particular, I focus on the expression of blurring, which is a characteristic of Kaga Yuzen, and pursue my technique.

Some no Shiki

For Customers

The luxury of Kaga Yuzen's unique blur

Today, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to wear kimonos in Japan.

However, it would be a shame to lose the Kaga Yuzen technique.

In order to preserve the traditional technique that has lasted for 500 years, I am challenging myself to create products other than kimonos.

Please take a look at my products.


Selected for the National Exhibition of Traditional Crafts

Selected three times for the Exhibition of Traditional Crafts of Ishikawa

Three times for the Bronze Prize at the Exhibition of Traditional Kaga Yuzen Crafts

The Governor of Ishikawa Prize at the Exhibition of New Kaga Yuzen Crafts

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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