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Yamamoto Daito TakedaDaito Takeda

The lacquered cup is decorated with cherry blossoms in silver powder blue shell and autumn leaves in green dry lacquer.

Wooden lacquered cups are not too hot to hold, but they give a slight warmth to your hands and retain heat.

As you use it, the color will change.


Manufacturer Yamamoto
Country of origin Shimane prefecture
Technique Yakumo Lacquerware
Material Wood flour processing
Size W2.99 * D2.99 * H3.94 in.(φ7.6*H10.0cm)
Weight 0.22 lbs(100g) * 2
Capacity 5.07 oz(150ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : X, Dishwashing machine : X, Direct fire : X, IH : X, Oven : X
Note Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not apply adhesive tape to the surface. Before use, fill the bowl with lukewarm water to acclimate it. Do not leave it in water after use. Wash by hand and wipe with a soft cloth.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Use only rare natural Japanese lacquer

Yamamoto Lacquer Works

  • 1887
  • Yakumo Lacquer Ware
  • Kazunari Yamamoto


Creating new methods from domestic and international lacquer techniques

We were founded in 1887, more than 130 years ago.

Heiichi Sakata, a lacquerer in the service of the Matsue clan, created Yakumo lacquerware as a new and unprecedented method of lacquerware making, inspired by the lacquerware production not only in Japan but also in China and Southeast Asia.

Kisaburo Yamamoto, the founder of the company, gathered a group of craftsmen and started making lacquerware based on the Yakumo lacquerware technique created by Sakata.

Yakumo lacquerware uses only natural lacquer from Japan to create various patterns, and its most distinctive feature is that the more you use it, the brighter and more colorful the patterns become.


Growing with vivid colors.

The most distinctive feature of Yakumo lacquerware is that the patterns become more vividly colored as the years go by.

Although 90% of the lacquer used in Japan is from China, we use rare natural Japanese lacquer.

The secret behind the vivid coloration of the patterns is the natural transparent lacquer (initially a translucent candy color) that is applied over the patterns.

The lacquer becomes more transparent under the action of light, bringing out the patterns underneath vividly.

Right after it is finished, the patterns are dark and you may have a subdued impression, but the way it changes as you use it is like the lacquer is growing.

You will be captivated by it.


For Customers

A beautiful vessel can last a lifetime.

Originally, Yakumo lacquerware was mainly painted with colored lacquer on the theme of flowers, birds, wind and moon.

In recent years, however, we have received requests from many customers at exhibitions for plain products.

That is why we took on the challenge of developing a plain product for the first time since the beginning of Yakumo lacquerware, and developed Yakumo Byakudan Kohaku, which uses gold leaf under natural transparent lacquer.

For home use, the vivid coloration can be felt in 3~5 years.

There are currently only two Yagumo lacquerware workshops left.

We will continue to make lifelong vessels that will bring warmth and healing to your life.

Please take a look and enjoy.


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