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HASHIMOTO KOUSAKU SIKKI Kiyono HashimotoKiyono Hashimoto

Gorgeous and gorgeous! These chopsticks are made of Wajima-nuri, a traditional Japanese lacquer ware.

The phoenix, a sign of good omen, is delicately maki-e painted on the gorgeous gold nashiji.

The chopsticks can be repainted, so they can be used for a long time in case of emergency.

Please enjoy the beauty of Maki-e hand-painted one by one.


Country of origin Ishikawa, Japan
Technique Wajima Lacquerware
Material Noto Japanese Cypress, Lacquer
Size 10.24 in. (26cm)
Weight 0.02 lbs (10g)
Capacity 0 oz (0ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven: X, Dishwashing machine: 〇, Direct fire: X, IH: X, Oven: X
Chopsticks are consumable items and their usage period will vary depending on usage and environment.
Chopsticks are made of wood and may expand, bend, or crack.
Note <Name engraving>
Up to 6 characters in romaji, kanji, hiragana, and katakana
Gothic font
Roman characters only written horizontally
Delivery: +2-5 days
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)
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Tradition in Wajima, the sacred place of Japanese lacquer painting


  • 1949
  • Wajima lacquer chopsticks
  • Kiyono Hashimoto
HASHIMOTO KOUSAKU SIKKI | Wajima Lacquer history image


A women-only workshop that carries on the skills and thoughts of the founder

Wajima is famous for its Wajima-nuri lacquerware, and chopstick making using traditional techniques has also flourished in this area.

The first owner of our store, Kousaku Hashimoto, was trained as a Wajima-nuri craftsman and started his own business in 1949, shortly after World War II.

The first owner, Kousaku Hashimoto, trained as a Wajima-nuri craftsman and started his own business in 1949, shortly after the end of World War II.

He was succeeded by the second owner, Taiji, who worked hard to improve the techniques of Wajima-nuri chopsticks and develop the industry.

Even in the age of cheap mass-produced products, we have continued to stick to handmade chopsticks with the traditional beauty of Japan.

With the sensitivity and attention to detail that only women can provide, we aim to be a company that can create happiness together with chopsticks.

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The healing power of Wajima's unique urushi chopsticks

Our Wajima urushi chopsticks are made of Asunaro (Noto hiba), a tree in Ishikawa Prefecture, and are coated with natural lacquer.

Urushi is known as a "healing paint" because of its gentle touch and feel.

The more you use the chopsticks, the more the color changes, and the more durable they become.

The patterns on the chopsticks range from traditional designs with a Japanese sensibility to modern arrangements.

We use pure gold leaf and pure gold powder from Kanazawa, which boasts a 99% share of the national market for gold leaf used in maki-e and chinkin.

Each pair of chopsticks is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans to enrich your daily meals.

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For Customers

I want you to live a healthy life with traditional beauty.

The patterns on the chopsticks have various meanings, such as "cherry blossoms," "maple trees," "snow," which remind us of the Japanese seasons, "red Fuji and cherry blossoms," which is a good omen, and "Nami-chidori," which is a wish for prosperity.

Through chopsticks, we hope that people can feel the apology and profundity of Japanese culture in their daily lives.

Also, chopsticks are meant to be touched by the mouth.

Noto hiba and natural lacquer have both been proven to have antibacterial properties.

In these days when people are more concerned about hygiene, it is important to pay attention to the chopsticks used by family members for safety and security.

We offer not only chopsticks for adults, but also children's chopsticks that are comfortable in children's hands.

A pair of conjugal chopsticks or chopsticks with auspicious designs are good luck charms that can be given as gifts not only to family members but also to close friends.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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