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e tsumami Katsufumi Enomoto
Katsufumi Enomoto

Shiny and graceful crimson

Kaineri refers to a garment made of kneaded silk that has been softened and made glossy, but the color red.

These fabric flower earrings are a development of the traditional craft TSUMAMIZAIKU, using original tools and techniques.

The core of the flower is decorated with semipearl , adding a touch of color.

The simple design matches both Japanese and Western clothing, allowing for a wide range of enjoyment in daily life.


Manufacturer J.Flavor * e TSUMAMI
Country of origin Aichi, Japan
Technique Japanese fabric flower-making
Material Cupra rayon habutae Kaineriiro
Size Pierced flower: φ0.63 (ピアス花:φ1.6cm)
Weight 0.01 lbs(5g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment Water exposure or prolonged pressure may cause damage or loss of shape.Please handle and store with care.
Note Piercing hardware: metal
(If you would like to change to resin, resin non-hole earrings, or metal earrings, please let us know in the memo field.)
Delivery Time 2 weeks
e TSUMAMI | Japanese fabric flower-making main image


Enjoying Japanese Traditions More Easily


  • 2014
  • Japanese fabric flower-making (kanzashi flower)
  • Katsufumi Enomoto
e TSUMAMI | Japanese fabric flower-making history image


Possessed by the charm of kanzashi flower

Japanese fabric flower-making (kanzashi flower) is a craft in which small pieces of cloth are folded and pinched together to create a flower, bird, wind and moon.

It has a long history and has been designated as a traditional craft by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government since the Edo period.

Originally, tsumami-zaiku was very popular as hair ornaments to match with Japanese costumes, and many people may have seen it in scenes such as Shichi-Go-San and coming-of-age ceremonies.

My first encounter with the kanzashi flower was in 2013, when I happened to stop by a bookstore and read a book.

At the time, I was a customer engineer for a large computer, and I thought it would be fun to use my own kanzashi flower as a business card, so I started creating it.

However, I became more and more fascinated with it, and in 2014, I started producing and selling it in earnest.

Since then, I have been promoting kanzashi flower not only in Japan but also overseas, holding exhibitions.

Currently, I am researching and producing kanzashi flower in order to make it an accessory that can be easily enjoyed in everyday fashion scenes.

e TSUMAMI | Japanese fabric flower-making feature image


Formal or casual.

I call kanzashi flower "cloth flower accessories," and my goal is to make it a craft that can be easily enjoyed in daily life.

Although most people associate kanzashi flower with kimono, my products are designed to fit into Western clothing as well, and I use materials used in clothing such as chiffon.

I have also devised original techniques and production tools, aiming to create accessories that can be used in a wide range of situations.

These are accessories that can be used every day according to your mood, such as matching with a dress or bag, accenting a T-shirt, or even a golf marker.

Please feel free to enjoy them.

e TSUMAMI | Japanese fabric flower-making Image used

For Customers

It adds color to our ordinary lives.

There may be an image that "Kanzashi flower" is something to be worn with kimono.

However, I want people to be able to use it more casually in their daily lives, and to use it with clothes just like any other accessory.

Cloth flower accessories are casual, simple, and easy to use accessories.

"For example, a simple outfit can be accentuated with a kanzashi flower brooch, or a bright outfit with a pair of simple white kanzashi flower earrings."

These accessories are not flashy, so they are easy to match with your clothes and add a gentle color to your daily fashion.

I have prepared various combinations of earrings, brooches, necklaces, and rings, so please choose the pattern you like.


Bringing the value of "Japan's hidden talent" to more people

■J Flavor

Bringing smiles to the local community, to the world, and to society.

We, J Flavor, are a craft production group that creates new value by combining the various talents that Japan possesses in terms of tradition, technology, and sensitivity.

We want people all over the world to know the talent that Japan.

Through the value of Japanese products, we aim to create a society where everyone has a smile.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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