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OZEKI Takamitsu InoharaTakamitsu Inohara

A new type of letter. You can use it as an interior decoration even after it arrives, making it twice as delightful!

This is a chochin (battery operated) that can actually be used as interior decoration, made by the craftsmen of the traditional craft Gifu Chochin.

The Chochin can be decorated with messages and illustrations on its hibukuro (the main part of the Chochin), which gives a full sense of surprise when the Chochin is opened.

Whenever the chochin is lit, the recipients of the letter chochin will be soothed by the gentle light as they remember you.

The letter chochin, with its Japanese sentiment, is a perfect gift for Japanese and foreigners alike!


Manufacturer OZEKI
Country of origin Gifu, Japan
Technique GIFU Chochin (Lanterns)
Material Japanese paper, twine, low-foam PVC board, candlelight with coin-shaped lithium battery
Size W5.71 * D5.71 * H6.5 in. (W14.5 * D14.5 * H16.5cm)
Weight 0.13 lbs(60g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment Do not let it get wet.
The color of the paper may change over time (changing faster with sunlight).
Note Assembly is required by the customer.
The back of the instruction manual can be used as a sheet of paper.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)
OZEKI | GIFU Chochin (Lanterns) main image


Adding the Warmth of Washi to Everyday Life


  • 1891
  • GIFU Chochin (Lanterns)
  • Morihiro Ozeki
OZEKI | GIFU Chochin (Lanterns) history image


A long-established company, so we take on challenges.

We, Ozeki, were founded in 1891 and have developed as a manufacturer of Gifu chochin.

In the early days, there were only a few types of lanterns with simple designs, but we have continued to evolve by developing new materials, improving manufacturing techniques, and incorporating elegant designs into our products.

At the same time, the company made efforts to raise its profile by participating in industrial expositions throughout Japan.

In 1951, the world-famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi visited our company and we were the designated factory to produce the AKARI, which was later praised as a light sculpture by the world.

Since our establishment, we have proposed new charms while preserving the tradition of Gifu Chochin, and have flexibly responded to everyone's expectations, which has allowed us to acquire numerous patents and design rights, and win many awards for our design inventions.

We will continue to manufacture products while preserving the traditions that we have inherited as a long-established manufacturer of Gifu chochin.

OZEKI | GIFU Chochin (Lanterns) feature image


The Light of a Connected Heart

It is said that the Gifu chochin was created in the 16th century.

It is a traditional Japanese craft made of high quality Japanese paper and bamboo hinoki from Gifu Prefecture.

In the 1900s, Chochin won gold medals at exhibitions in Belgium, France, and Japan, and gained popularity.

As the times change, we in the chochin industry are also making efforts to develop new products.

One such product is the Letter Chochin, which was developed in collaboration with designers.

It may look like a casual chochin, but it is actually a product where traditional craftsmanship is alive and well.

The Hibukuro comes in a variety of designs, including seasonal poems and famous places in Japan, so you can choose the one you like best.

The size is compact enough to fit in both hands, so it can be displayed without disturbing the rest of the interior.

The chochin is covered with thin, sturdy Japanese paper, so you can write pictures or messages directly on the chochin.

The "Letter Chochin" is a letter that can be enjoyed even after it arrives.

OZEKI | GIFU Chochin (Lanterns) Image used

For Customers

When the lanterns light up, the smiles of loved ones come to mind.

Based on the traditional manufacturing technique of Gifu Chochin, we have created Letter Chochin as a lit letter that connects people with each other with a focus on harmony.

The speed of phone calls and e-mails is great, but letter chochin take time and thought to arrive.

The time spent waiting for the letter to arrive and the time spent assembling the chochin can be a fun time spent thinking about each other.

The soft light of the lanterns and the designs and messages will warm your heart and soothe you.

You can send the chochin with a congratulatory message or draw your favorite picture on it to create your own unique and heartwarming letter.

It is also a great way to display your child's artwork at home.


1904 Silver Prize, World Exposition, St. Louis, U.S.A.

1905 Gold Prize, World Exposition, Liege, Belgium

1928 Gold Prize, Takamatsu National Industrial Exposition, Japan

1937 Gold Prize, Exposition des Arts et des Lettres, Paris, France


Bringing the value of "Japan's hidden talent" to more people

■J Flavor

Bringing smiles to the local community, to the world, and to society.

We, J Flavor, are a craft production group that creates new value by combining the various talents that Japan possesses in terms of tradition, technology, and sensitivity.

We want people all over the world to know the talent that Japan.

Through the value of Japanese products, we aim to create a society where everyone has a smile.