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INDEN-YA Koichi Asakawa
Koichi Asakawa

Mt.Fuji, an object of faith since ancient times.

Mt.Fuji, and we, who have looked up at its lofty peak from its foot, have put our reverence for Mt.

This compact wallet is about 10 cm square and is convenient when you go out with a small bag.

It also fits in a pocket without difficulty.

The outside pocket is designed to open into a box shape, making it easy to take out coins.

Fuji, also known as "inexhaustible" because of its never-ending beauty.

Celebrate the never-ending progress of your loved ones.

It is an ideal gift for entrance to school, employment, and anniversaries.


Manufacturer J.Flavor * INDEN-YA
Country of origin Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Technique KOUSHU Inden (Lacquered Deersdkin Crafts)
Material Deerskin, lacquer, cowhide, interior fabric: rayon or cotton
Size W4.13 * D0.59 * H3.82 in. (W10.5 * D1.5 * H9.7cm)
Weight 0.09 lbs(40g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note About Lacquer
Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures or humidity when storing the lacquer ware, as it may lose its luster if exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) over time.
The lacquer or pattern may peel off in parts if the piece is bent strongly or if it comes in contact with hard objects.
Cracks may occur during the processing.
About deer leather
Please enjoy the original texture of deer leather
The surface of the leather may be damaged during use or when scrapped.
Due to the different nature of each piece, there will be slight differences in color tones due to the dip-dyeing process. Also, uneven coloring may occur in some areas.
The color may discolor or fade in sunlight or strong lighting over time.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)

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