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aeru Erika Mori
Erika Mori

A tableware that cherishes the feeling of "I want to eat by myself!

By creating a curved guard on the inside of the bowl, it makes scooping food from the bowl easy for a small baby.

The simple and durable design allows your child to enjoy eating with this bowl even as he or she grows older, or even as an adult.

The bright yellow color of Kyo ware will add a touch of glamour to your dining table.

This is an ideal product for birth or birthday gifts.


Manufacturer aeru
Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Kyo Ware
Material Kaoline, Stone
Size [BOWL]W4.33 * D4.33 * H1.77 in.
[DEEP DISHES]W5.12 * D5.12 * H1.57 in.
[FLAT DISHES]W5.91 * D5.91 * H1.38 in.
([BOWL]W11 * D11 * H4.5cm
[DEEP DISHES]W13 * D13 * H4cm
[FLAT DISHES]W15 * D15 * H3.5 cm)
Weight [BOWL]0.51 lbs (230g)
[DEEP DISHES]0.68 lbs (310g)
[FLAT DISHES]0.85 lbs (385g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave ○, Dishwasher ○, Oven ○, Open flame ×
Note *Because all products are handmade by craftsmen, there are slight differences in the size of each item.
*Because the products are made of natural materials, there are individual differences in color, texture, etc.
*The underside of the "Spill-proof Vessel" is not glazed in order to appreciate the differences in the appearance of the clay and stones of the various regions where they are produced.
*Because pottery is highly absorbent, water may ooze out or stains may be more noticeable on the unglazed underside.
*Please be careful not to leave food with strong color or oiliness in it for a long time, as it may cause stains or odor transfer.
*Please refrain from soaking the container in dirty water or leaving it soaking for a long period of time.
*Please dry the container thoroughly before storing it, as this may cause mold to form.
Delivery Time 2-3 weeks (if out of stock + 3-4 months)

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