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aeru Erika Mori
Erika Mori

A tableware that cherishes the feeling of "I want to eat by myself!

We hope that from a young age, babies will be exposed to authentic Japanese products in their daily lives, and that they will grow up with rich sensibilities and values.

By creating a curved guard on the inside of the bowl, it makes scooping food from the bowl easy for a small baby. (Good for elderly as well!)

The simple and timeless design of this bowl will last for a lifetime, even after you grow up.

Snow quietly dancing in the mountains. Stars falling in the night sky. A waterfall cascading down.

Tsugaruyaki's "Unspillable Bowls" show various expressions depending on the person who looks at them, the angle from which they are viewed.

The glaze, which seems to copy the nature of Aomori, is never the same.

Look at it from the side or from above. It is good to take a good look at them while thinking about what they look like with your child.

May your daily meals be an enjoyable learning experience for your baby or child.

This is an ideal baby gift or birthday present.


Manufacturer aeru
Country of origin Aomori, Japan
Technique Tsugaru ware
Material Tsugaru kaoline, Glaze
Size [BOWL]W4.33 * D4.33 * H1.77 in.
[DEEP DISHES]W5.12 * D5.12 * H1.57 in.
[FLAT DISHES]W5.91 * D5.91 * H1.38 in. (ボウル: 口径 11 * H 4.5、深皿:口径 13 * H 4、平皿:口径 15 * H 3.5cm)
Weight [BOWL]0.65 lbs (295g)
[DEEP DISHES]0.72 lbs (325g)
[FLAT DISHES]0.87 lbs (395g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave ○, Dishwasher ○, Oven ○, Open flame ×
Note *Do not use the product for any purpose other than its intended use as tableware.
Please handle with care as breakage may cause unexpected injury or accident.
Since all products are handmade by craftsmen, there may be slight differences in the size of each product.
Because the products are made of natural materials, there are individual differences in color, texture, etc. Please enjoy the uniqueness of each product. Please enjoy the individuality of each product.
Delivery Time 2-3 weeks (if out of stock + 3-4 months)

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