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Designed by a renowned designer, this modern "Pile of salt" set features a beautiful glass vessel. The set includes the highest quality salt and two glass stands. This is a gem that allows you to incorporate the good old custom of Japan into your daily life in a stylish way. Because it dispels bad vibes, it is also a good gift for opening a business, celebrating the opening of a new store or a new house.

Set to incorporate the Japanese custom of


Feature 1 of "Pile of salt" set

Incorporate the Japanese custom of "Pile of salt" into your daily life

"Pile of salt" is an ancient Japanese custom. It is believed to remove bad luck by heaping salt on a small plate and placing it in an area of concern. The reason why salt is heaped up is said to have its origin in the fact that seawater has the effect of removing defilement.

Nowadays, more and more people are incorporating them into their daily lives as a good omen. If it looks stylish, it can be easily incorporated into various places in the home. This set of "Pile of salt" offers a new form of this good old custom.

A Product of


Feature 2 of "Pile of salt" set

Products created by world-class designers

The design was created by Gwenael Nicolas from France, who is active worldwide as an interior designer as well as a product designer. He is active in a wide range of fields, from furniture design and packaging design for cosmetics to spatial design for hotels.

The design of this set is also very particular. In order to make the purifying salt itself stand out, the stand is made of transparent glass. The hexagonal shape of the salt container was chosen to signify stability and harmony.

We wanted to breathe new life into the ancient Japanese custom of "Pile of salt", making it a modern interior item that would look great in homes, offices, and restaurants. This product was born from such a strong desire, which took about two years to complete.

Salt from


Feature 3 of "Pile of salt" set

Salt made with the utmost sincerity

The salt in the set is made by boiling down seawater collected from the deep sea in Mie Prefecture. A time-consuming method is used to remove only the water content, and this superb product has been dedicated to the Inner Shrine of the Ise Jingu.

It is also said that salt used for "Pile of salt" should be less processed and closer to its natural state. This salt is also coarse salt with a rough texture, which gives it the power of nature.


Feature 4 of "Pile of salt" set

This is how "Pile of salt" is used!

Some people may not know how to incorporate the traditional Japanese practice of "Pile of salt" into their homes. However, as the concept of feng shui has become more prevalent in recent years, more and more people are casually incorporating "Pile of salt" to make their homes into power spots.

"Pile of salt" is usually placed to purify the water area, where bad luck tends to accumulate, and spaces where people spend a lot of time. The effect is considered to vary depending on where it is placed, so please refer to the following.

*vestibule : The entranceway is where chi enters and exits. Prevent bad luck and let only good luck enter the house.
*Living room and bedroom : Purify spaces where you spend a lot of time and attract good luck.
*kitchen : Balances fire and water and cleanses bad luck in the home.
*Bathrooms and washrooms : Purifies the luck in thebathroom, where bad luck tends to drift in, and leads to opening the door to good luck.
*toilet : In toilets, where bad luck tends to accumulate, it is said to have health benefits.


Details of "Pile of salt" set1

Salt is beautiful when filled to the brim and flattened

The glass stand is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but the weight of the stand is well felt and highly stable because it is made of glass.

Using a spoon or similar tool, gradually add salt to the hexagonal part of the glass base. Fill the glass with the salt to the brim, then press the salt a little with the back of a spoon to clean it up. The contrast between the transparency of the glass and the pure white salt is beautiful and looks like a stylish objet d'art.

The fact that it does not collapse or spill even when moved slightly is another key point that makes it easy to place in a variety of locations.

A set of


Details of "Pile of salt" set2

Comes in a luxurious paulownia wood box

"Pile of salt" set includes salt and two glass stands. The packaging of the salt is also modern, with a very nice and elegant design based on white.

In addition, the outer box is a paulownia box with beautiful wood grain. The high-quality box produced by kamikodai wooden box store in Kumano City, Mie Prefecture, is full of a sense of luxury. Paulownia wood has long been valued as a tree of good luck and happiness. As a box for storing "important things," it is a suitable package for "Pile of salt".

A set of


Give a set of "Pile of salt"

Recommended as a gift for opening a new store or housewarming

"Pile of salt" is a traditional Japanese custom that attracts good luck. Therefore, this set of heri-shio salt is a perfect gift for opening a new store, a new business, a new house, or any other special occasion. It will be an unprecedented and impressive gift for the recipient.

BECOS's wrapping service allows customers to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials.

If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card in a handwritten font. Please make your gift a thoughtful one, thinking of the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in their hands.


KAMI NO SHIO Sabao Harada
Sabao Harada

“KAMI NO SHIO” is a new form of “pile of salt,” an ancient Japanese custom to purify spaces and bring luck, that has been redesigned into a chic interior piece by world-renowned designer Gwenael Nicolas.

Inspired by the beautiful hexagonal shapes (cosmic galaxies, snow crystals, DNA) created by nature, the glass vessel blends in with any interior space, whether Japanese or Western, and is easy to use in the modern age.

The salt is of the finest quality, produced by slowly boiling down deep sea water from Mie Prefecture, and was dedicated to the Ise Grand Shrine’s Kaguraden Hall.

It comes in a gorgeous paulownia wood box.


Manufacturer KAMI NO SHIO
Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique pile of salt
Material Glass container, salt
Size W12.2 * D4.72 * H1.57 in. (W31 * D12 * H4cm)
Weight 1.76 lbs(800g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note The salt in the product is made by the same production process as food, but it is not sold as food, so please do not eat it.
If it gets into your eye, please wash it out with water.
Glassware may break or chip on impact.
Do not use if broken or chipped.
Keep out of reach of small children and pets.
Please be careful to avoid accidental ingestion.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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