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KEIBIFUGETSU Masayuki Koizumi
Masayuki Koizumi

An Edo fan with an impressive crescent moon in gold leaf on purple Japanese paper

The crescent moon is printed on handmade Japanese paper using the Edo karakami technique, a form of woodblock printing.

For Japanese people, the moon is an entity with which we feel a sense of identity.

We chose it because it evokes feelings of familiarity and deep emotion.

The Japanese paper is a "KEIBIFUGETSU" original, and was made from scratch by Hiroko Tanino, who runs Handmade Paper Tanino.

Fossil coral, which is said to have antibacterial properties, is enclosed in the paper, which is dyed purple using shiso leaf.

The fan was made by Yoshiko Fukatsu, the fifth generation owner of the Unkindo Fukatsu Folding Fan Store, which carries on the tradition of Edo folding fans.

This fan is filled with the life force of nature and the soul of craftspeople.

We hope you will feel its power in your hands.

It comes with a case made of Tango Chirimen cloth featuring a lunar pattern.

It is delivered in a paulownia "azekura" box.

The "seme" is designed to prevent the folding fan from opening when not in use.

Please be sure to put it back after use.


Country of origin
Technique KARAKAMI
Material Fan surface, kozo washi paper, fan ribs, bamboo (boiled black)
Size L9.06 in. (L23cm)
Weight HAND FAN:0.04 lbs (20g)、FAN BAG:0.02 lbs (8g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment The foil on the fan surface changes color over time.
Note Fan bag included. Fan bag size: L25 * W5
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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