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EMURA SHOUTEN Kazuhiro Emura
Kazuhiro Emura

A plate covered with graceful brilliance

This gentle round dish is made of Nishijin textile with abundant gold and silver threads woven into a navy blue fabric.

Its impression changes depending on the pattern cut out, such as the "Hishi" pattern wishing for good health and "Takarazukushi" pattern scattered with lucky charms.

The beautiful woven fabric is sandwiched between glass and EVA resin, and the back of the plate has a non-slip and shatterproof finish, making it a highly functional dish.

In addition to its presence as a decorative plate, it is very useful for serving a variety of food.

The 13cm size can be used as a side dish or a pastry plate, while the 22cm size is perfect for main dishes.


Manufacturer EMURA SHOUTEN
Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Kyo-Yuzen Dyeing・Nishijin textile
Material Glass, Silk, Polyester
Size 5.91 IN. : W5.71 * D5.71 * H0.55 in.
8.66 IN : W8.46 * D8.46 * H0.67 in. (15cmサイズ:W14.5 * D14.5 * H1.4
22cmサイズ:W21.5 * D21.5 * H1.7cm)
Weight 5.91 IN. : 0.3 lbs(135g)、
8.66 IN : 0.6 lbs(270g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave x, Oven x, Dishwasher x
Note Do not store in direct sunlight.
Do not apply adhesive tape to the surface.
Do not leave the product immersed in water after use.
Wash by hand and wipe with a soft cloth.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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