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Luxury Japanese glassware are must-haves for those passionate about craftsmanship, sophistication, and drinking. While most of us already own a glass or two to enjoy alcohol with, treating yourself or someone special to high-class Japanese glassware will elevate your drinking experience to entirely new heights! In this article, we’ll introduce 15 hand-picked Japanese glassware of exceptional quality crafted by renowned Japanese artisans. Unwind, de-stress, and relish an encounter with both modern and traditional Japanese luxury!

Different Types of Glasses

Before introducing our selection of Japanese glassware, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of glasses.

While some may think it doesn't matter what kind of glass you serve drinks in, just as different drinks have different tastes, flavors can be further altered by the type of glass they are drunk in.

Glass Type 1: Flat Bottom
An essential first glass for everyone

Flat-bottomed drinking glasses, sometimes called tumblers, generally include beer mugs as well as shot glasses used for drinks like tequila.

Flat-bottomed glasses are useful for not just alcohol, but also for a variety of drinks such as soft drinks, making them the most suitable first drinking glass to purchase for yourself. They are usually cylindrical but can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as tall ones or those with wide rims, so be sure to choose one that best suits the intended use.

Glass Type 2: Stemware
For wines and champagnes - a must-have for elegant table settings!

Wine and liqueur glasses are commonly called stemmed glasses or stemware. They are designed as such to allow the drink to be held by the stem to prevent warming by the hand and keep chilled drinks cold.

Stemware are also visually appealing and help to create elegant table settings. We recommend owning at least one pair of stemmed glasses.

Our Choice:
Shun Japan: Sunset in Hawaii (1 Glass)

Source: BECOS

"Shun: Sunset View Glass" is a line of glassware adorned with scenery from around the world. The version shown above is decorated with a design reminiscent of Hawaii, and when beer is poured into the glass, the tree appears as a silhouette in front of a golden sunset. Additional designs include "Giraffe," which represents the Savannah, "Camel" with a caravan of camels, and "Hong Kong" lined with skyscrapers.

The series was developed to help people feel a little bit of the joy of traveling when movement is restricted. With this glass in hand, you’ll surely reminisce about past travels or dream about places you long to visit. This is a truly outstanding glass with which to relax and enjoy your beer.

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Savor Your Drinks in Premium Japanese Glassware!
15 Select Glasses Embodying the Skills of Japanese Craftspeople!

Premium Japanese Glasses with Fantastic Versatility
7 Recommended Flat-Bottomed Glasses

First, let’s take a look at our recommended flat-bottomed Japanese glasses! Being relatively easy to decorate, they come in a wide range of designs that are fun to see and appreciate!

Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #1
Gold Leaf Glasses Adding Elegance to the Evening

Hakuichi Kannyu Hitokuchi Glass: Champagne Gold (Set of 2)

Source: BECOS

These exquisite glasses are decorated at the bottom by Kanazawa gold leaf, a traditional artform with roughly 400 years of history. The unique pattern appears as if the gold leaf has cracked, adding a sense of grandeur to these beautiful glasses. While luxurious, they are still suited for everyday use, making your daily drink into a special occasion.

They come in a slightly small yet convenient size. We recommend them as a beer glass.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #2
Relish a Drink With the Sparkle of Cut Glass!


Source: BECOS

This is a kiriko (cut glass) piece with a contemporary design combining bold cuts with "kiku tsunagi" (a pattern of delicate criss-crossing cuts resembling chrysanthemum said to represent perpetual youth and longevity). It is hand polished to bring out the natural shine of the glass to its maximum degree. The polished surfaces reflect each other like mirrors while the cuts at the bottom rise up along the sides. Drinking while peering into the beautiful, sparkling glass is bound to bring joy!

The glass has a capacity of 340 ml, offering plenty of room for a good drink even with ice. It is recommended for drinks mixed with water.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #3
An Enchanting Tumbler With Cherry Blossom Petals Dancing Over Mt. Fuji

MARUMO TAKAGI Shun Japan Cold-Activated Cherry Blossoms & Mt. Fuji Tumbler

Source: BECOS

This is a tumbler glass with Mt. Fuji cleverly integrated into the bottom. The color of the drink reflects on the mountain's surface, allowing one to enjoy a new face of Mt. Fuji with every drink! Adding to the charm are the cherry blossom petals on the surface, which are specially painted to change from white to pink when a cold beverage is poured into the glass. This playful number will undoubtedly enhance your drinking time with a heap of fun and energy!

An outstanding piece of craftsmanship, it aptly highlights Japanese beauty, making for the perfect present on a significant occasion or for someone special.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #4
Stylish and Contemporary! A Black Edo Kiriko Tumbler


Source: BECOS

Although typical Edo Kiriko glass is brightly colored, often with reds or blues and with dramatic cuts, this unique rendition instead boasts a bold contemporary design featuring black stripes. This top-of-the-line product aims to bring the craftsmanship and beauty of the traditional craft of Edo Kiriko into the modern, cutting-edge home.

The golden color of beer shrines starkly against the black glass. Enjoying a drink in this stylish tumbler will make you feel as if you’re sitting in a chic bar!

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #5
Add Flair With a White Porcelain Wine Glass!


Source: BECOS

This highly distinctive white Mino porcelain wine glass boasts an exquisite yet simple shape with an elegant flowing movement. It’s a wonderful addition helping to create a unique and stylish table setting.

Being stemless, it can be used casually and will go well with a wide range of table settings. While somewhat peculiar, its roundish shape fits nicely in the hand and will surely quickly grow into your new favorite wine glass! A wonderful choice as a true one-of-a-kind present!

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #6
Rinzen Kiriko Glass - An Unmatched Sparkle!

Rinzen Ienomi Glass -kiku shippo- (Red)

Source: BECOS

The motto of the kiriko glass brand Rinzen is to fuse the classic with the modern. Each cut in this kiriko glass is polished by hand, requiring a great deal of time and labor. This is an outstanding item that sparkles from all directions and is highly suitable for special occasions.

The original pattern called "kiku shippo" is a combination of "kiku tsunagi" and "shippo" (a circular pattern made by layering circles with 1/4 covering each other, a lucky pattern considered to represent harmony.) The roundish shape and sparkling red kiku shippo combine to create a beautiful glass like no other.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #7
A Pair of Edo Kiriko Glasses With a Simple, Modern Design

Kimoto Glassware Layered Yarai Old Pair

Source: BECOS

This pair of glasses is a prime example of Edo Kiriko cut glass, a craft that is designated as an official traditional craft of both Japan and Tokyo. Kimoto Glassware is a producer of Edo Kiriko that has been safeguarding the tradition while evolving with the times.

This particular pair is distinguished by vibrant red and blue colors and the deep cuts that create a finish with clear, distinct patterns. The pattern is based on "yarai," a type of fencing made by criss-crossing bamboo often seen around traditional Japanese townhouses. The overall effect is of a simple and modern design that will brighten up the dining table.

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Must-Have Premium Japanese Glasses
8 Recommended Stemware Glasses

Next up, we have eight high-end Japanese-made stemware glasses. These elegant pieces of tableware infuse a meal or drink with class and elegance, often likened to a dress. See if you can find one you like to make your table dazzle!

Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #8
Superior Craftsmanship You'll Be Proud to Call Your Own!

SATSUMA VIDRO: Black Kiriko Wine Glass in a Paulownia Box

Source: BECOS

This jet-black Satsuma Kiriko wine glass was created to suit contemporary tastes. With a deep, dark color and ultra-modern design, its use will undoubtedly lead to classier, fashionable drinking experiences.

Black glass that does not let light through is particularly difficult to cut, requiring craftspeople to rely solely on feel and experience. As such, black kiriko wine glasses are naturally priced highly to reflect the talent of the maker, offering a counterpart suitable for even the fanciest of evenings.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #9
The Perfect Celebratory Gift! Champagne Glasses That Surprise!

MARUMO TAKAGI: Cold-Activated Champagne Glasses (Pair)

Source: BECOS

Adorned with decorations that appear when cold drinks are poured into them, these one-of-a-kind glasses amplify excitement and liven up the scene, making them perfect for celebrations! The ultimate celebratory gift with an element of surprise!

There are four design choices available: cherry blossoms, fireworks, autumn leaves, and snowflakes. Choose the one suited for the season of the occasion.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #10
The Warmth of Blown Glass to Soothe One's Soul!


Source: BECOS

These hand-blown wine glasses offer the warmth and charm unique to items made by hand. The design is graceful and pleasing, making them the perfect accompaniment when relaxing.

Being roughly the height of a 250 ml can, the glasses are on the shorter side and are convenient for everyday use.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #11
Enjoy Your Sake with Style!

KIMOTO GLASSWARE es Stem 02 w Edo Kiriko

Source: BECOS

This glass is recommended for people who want to enjoy sake in a wine glass. It features a lip that curves outward and a round body designed to stretch your lips sideways so that the drink flows over the entire tongue. It is the perfect glass to appreciate rich sake, allowing you to thoroughly savor every taste as it spreads across your palate.

The glass also features an Edo Kiriko "kiku” (chrysanthemum) pattern on the bottom. Despite its simple appearance, every facet of the glass is achieved using incredible traditional techniques.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #12
Adorable Glasses to Brighten Up the Table

Glass Studio Izumo: Beer Glass Set of Two

Source: BECOS

These stylish and cute stemmed beer glasses boast vibrant colors, brightening up the table! Being reasonably short, they can be used to serve a wide range of other beverages like soft drinks. They are also extremely useful to have on hand when serving cold drinks to visitors.

Being a pair of light blue and red, they make a fantastic perfect for couples or anyone who adores cute things!

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #13
Artistic Glass Finished With Lacquer!

Yamamoto Lacquer Works: Yakumo Vidro Glass with Wisteria Purple Lacquer and Gold Leaf

Source: BECOS

This exquisite wine glass bursts with a warmth unusual in glassware achieved through the layered lacquering of the surface. Parts of the glass are also left uncovered, acting as windows to fully enjoy the beauty of the craftsmanship. The perfect sidekick to a luxurious evening!

The embossed carving of the wisteria is also absolutely gorgeous! Wisteria is often grown on the grounds of Shinto shrines under the belief that their aroma can ward off evil. With a dignified, spiritual feel to it, this wine glass would make the ideal present for a special occasion.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #14
Luxury Crystal Glass by a Purveyor to the Imperial Household

Kagami Crystal: Pair of Wine Glasses (Bonnard)

Source: Amazon.co.jp

This is a pair of premium crystal wine glasses made by Kagami Crystal, who supply the Japanese Imperial Household Agency with glassware. This style of cut glass is highly regarded both in Japan and internationally for the depth and precision of the cuts and elegant design. The most distinguishing feature of these glasses is their refined beauty.

Kagami Crystal's founder, Kozo Kagami, won numerous accolades around the world, including an honorary award at the Paris Exposition. These delicate crystal glasses boast outstanding transparency and a brilliant sparkle, making for the pinnacle of dining table luxury. They are also the perfect accompaniment to celebrating special milestones.

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Premium Japanese Glass Recommendation #15
Add Color to the Dinner Table!

Glass Studio Izumo Beer Glass Blue

Source: BECOS

This is another color of the Glass Studio Izumo set of two beer glasses introduced earlier. At Glass Studio Izumo, a husband-and-wife team create wonderful and unique blown glass pieces in the nature-rich city of Izumo (map). Their products are distinguished by an outstanding ease of use and beauty, making them worthy of appreciation as works of art.

This particular glass is characterized by the delightful color of the stem while bursting with a charm unique to handmade items. Its lovingly crafted form sits nicely in the hand, making it a pleasure to use. Combine it with other glasses in the series for a brilliant dining table!

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Treat Your Glasses with Care - The Proper Way to Wash Premium Stemware Glasses

If you've splurged on top-of-the-line stemware glasses, you'll want to take good care of them to ensure they last a long time. Often thin and difficult to wash, here are two important things to remember when washing stemware glasses.

How to Wash Stemware Glasses - Point One
Wash by Hand

Stemware glasses tend to be more delicate than flat-bottomed glasses. Therefore, they should be washed by hand and not in a dishwasher. Washing them in warm water of about 45℃ should be sufficient to get most dirt off.

If your glass has oil on it, use regular dishwashing liquid and wash it gently. The keyword here is "gently!"

How to Wash Stemware Glasses - Point Two
Cradle the Bowl in Your Hand and Wash Gently

The bowl of the stemware glass is usually quite thin to make it comfortable to drink from. As it is sensitive to force, cradle it in one hand and wash with a gentle touch, without adding pressure.

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Enjoy Drinking With Your Favorite Premium Glass!

For this article, we carefully selected and introduced some of the best flat-bottomed and stemmed glasses made and sold in Japan. As your drinking experience can be altered significantly by the glass you choose, it's vital to find one that brings joy and invites relaxation. Use this article to discover your own luxurious Japanese glass and take your drinking to the next level!

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