7 Japanese Luxury Gifts That You Can Use Everyday

People are often reluctant to spend too much money on items they use themselves on a daily basis—but gifts of luxury everyday items can be a welcome treat. High-end daily goods are also great birthday and housewarming gifts for friends and colleagues, and appropriate to give even to acquaintances you don't know that well. This article introduces some select everyday goods that are made in Japan, so take a look if you are hunting for a present to give to someone.

Create a New Lifestyle with Luxury Everyday Items Made in Japan

It's always nice to have new things to welcome in a new year or when starting something new. One of the joys of moving is to start anew by gradually acquiring household goods that enhance one's daily life. So, if you are getting someone a housewarming gift, why not choose something that can be used every day and that is a little more high-end than one might purchase for themselves?

For birthday presents, too, it can be a challenge to find something that isn't cliched, but a luxury everyday item that someone might not normally buy for themselves will always be appreciated. An "everyday item" might not sound right for gifts, but a high-end everyday item is sure to please.

If there is something you wish you could get for yourself but can't because it's a bit too expensive, it's likely others feel the same way. So, if you're debating what to get as a present, why not check out some luxury everyday items?

7 Japan-Made Luxury Everyday Items Recommended as Gifts

2 Luxury Items for the Kitchen

The Perfect Luxury Kitchenware for the Avid Cook: A Cocotte Hotpot Made of Carbon with Great Thermal Conductivity to Maximize the Ingredients' Flavors

Source: BECOS

Carbon is a material commonly used for F1 racing cars and racing road bikes. It has high thermal conductivity that allows uniform transmission of heat across the pot, helping food to cook evenly. Far-infrared rays are emitted when heated at a temperature of 35℃ or higher, creating the same effect as coal-fired cooking. This is a pot that makes the ingredients taste incredibly good and is an outstanding item that professional chefs cherish.

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2. A Luxury Daily-Use Item Cherished by Professionals: A Copper Pan With Fantastic Thermal Conductivity for Making Fluffy Japanese Tamagoyaki

Source: Amazon.co.jp

This is a pan for cooking tamagoyaki (Japanese omelets) by Nakamura Douki that many chefs of Japanese cuisine cherish. It is made of copper, which has very high thermal conductivity, allowing the heat to disperse evenly, cooking perfect, fluffy tamagoyaki. From personal experience, it makes faultless omelets without any burns!

It is used almost exclusively to make tamagoyaki, so it is a bit expensive for most people to buy for themselves. This makes it the perfect present for someone who loves Japanese cooking or who is training to become a chef of Japanese cuisine.

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How to make restaurant-quality tamagoyaki (video)

3 Luxury Bathroom Goods/Cosmetics/Self-Care Products

High-End Daily-Use Product for Hand Moisturizing: A Hand Cream Loved By Kyoto's Geisha

Source: BECOS

This hand cream by Nakamura Rosoku is made by the traditional Japanese candle-making method of mixing natural vegetable wax without using any petroleum solvent. It lasts long because it spreads well, so just a little bit goes a long way. It is also not sticky, so there's no need to worry if you need to moisturize before doing some work.

It is also popular among apprentice geisha in Kyoto.

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A Luxury Item to Enhance Your Everyday Life: Diatomite Bath Mats That Instantly Dry Wet Feet

Source: Amazon.co.jp

This is a bath mat that takes advantage of the absorbency of diatomite to instantly absorb water from wet feet, almost giving the sensation that the moisture is being sucked right off the feet. Once wet, it dries naturally on its own. Unlike similar mats, this one is stylishly designed into an organic shape that represents water. Although diatomite is known to crack, this mat is mixed with fibers to strengthen it and prevent it from cracking. It is thin and light, so anyone can easily pick it up.

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A Luxury Self-care Product: A Nail Clipper That Requires Little Pressure and Is Great for Those with Hand Issues

Source: Amazon.co.jp

Griff is a nail clipper that enables the user to cut nails with just a light touch. It also swivels to make it easy to cut toenails and other people's nails. The nail file is also very easy to use and files nails cleanly.

The clipper was originally developed for people who have difficulty cutting nails due to rheumatism or a weakened grip, so it is easily used by those who are not flexible or have issues with their hands.

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2 Luxury Fashion Items for Everyday Use

Luxury Daily Goods That Enhance Your Time at Home: Slippers That Fit the Feet From Day One

Source: BECOS

Yamato Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of sandals, has been making its products from start to finish in a plant near the Seto Inland Sea in Ehime Prefecture in northeastern Shikoku for over fifty years—and these are its highest quality slippers. They are an outstanding product made with both glossy real leather from Ehime and Japan-made faux leather that neither fades nor stains for the lining, insoles, and outer soles. The silky brushed fabric of the insoles is slip-resistant so that the slippers won't come off even when wearing socks.

Although slippers are usually not made using wooden forms, these luxury slippers are made in the same manner as leather shoes with wooden forms so that they fit the feet from Day 1.

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A Luxury Daily Product to Protect Clothes: A Clothes Brush So Soft and Smooth You Just Want to Brush

Source: Amazon.co.jp

This is the highest quality clothes brush that brand-name fashion houses swear by. The price may seem exorbitant for a clothes brush, but it is an enduringly popular item with orders rushing in from famous domestic and international fashion brands.

The brush is so soft and such a pleasure to use that once you try it, the price will seem reasonable and you won't be able to go back to any other brushes.

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It is a particularly special treat to receive a gift of an item that feels out of reach to buy for oneself. Luxury everyday items tend to be so much more comfortable and pleasant to use compared to standard products, so if you're having difficulty deciding what to get as a present, why not look at some luxury daily goods?

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