12 High-Quality Gifts That Any Boss Will Love

When buying a gift for your boss or someone that you’re doing business with, you need to think carefully about your purchase. Most people think that you should just go with something as expensive as possible, but that might not always be the best way to go. For one, there’s a chance that if you buy some high-quality brand item, they will already have it. Then again, going with something cheap might feel a little insulting. That’s why in this article, we’ll be discussing gifts that are perfect for such people as well as things to watch out for and keep in mind while buying them.

When Should You Buy a Present for Your Boss?

You might not think that there are many occasions when you have to get a present for your boss or business acquaintance, but there are birthdays, celebrations of their appointment to their position, company anniversaries, and many more. At a minimum, there are a couple of times a year when you can delight them with the perfect gift.

How Much Should You Spend?

Most people tend to spend a lot on presents for people like their boss. But you shouldn’t go too crazy with it. After all, if you spend too much on a gift, it might have the opposite effect and not be received favorably. The specific amount you should spend will differ from country to country, but, on average, you should use anywhere between 5,000 and 30,000 yen. Beyond spending the right amount, you should also look for something that they will be happy to receive.

Recommended Items and Things to Watch Out For

Before we get to the recommended items, let’s talk about the kinds of things that company presidents and business partners tend to receive.

Monogrammed and Personalized Items

Items embroidered or otherwise decorated with their name or initials are especially recommended. A personalized tumbler or embroidered slippers will surely help your gift stand out.

Relaxation Products

Being a company president is hard work, so many of them will surely appreciate something that will help them relax. Besides things they can use at home, you can also go with a spa gift card.


A lot of people like to receive tableware. Those who enjoy the occasional drink will especially appreciate things like drink sets, while others might like mugs or glasses.

Business Items

Business items like neckties are a staple gift, as are tie pins, card holders, handkerchiefs, and more. The best thing about these things is that people won’t mind if they receive a lot of them. Please remember, though, that going with a brand item carries the risk of someone else having the same idea and your boss getting the same thing twice.

12 Recommended High-Quality Gifts for Your Boss

For the Tired Boss: This Relaxing, High-Quality Cashmere Nightgown

It might be a little more expensive than what you were hoping to spend, but this Japan-made nightgown just has “boss” written all over it. It’s 17% white cashmere, the finest kind of cashmere there is, and has been especially designed by world-class fashion designers to be beautiful and comfortable above all else.

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Something to Brighten Up Their Break: This Exquisite and Elegant Kiyomizu Ware Cup

If you’re looking for something that seems luxurious but won’t break your wallet, might we suggest this cup? It’s an example of Kiyomizu ware, which screams “elegance” while also being easy to use thanks to its size and shape. Its exquisite and sophisticated design makes the cup the perfect present for any business person, especially if you’re shopping on a budget.

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Something to Bring Your Boss Good Luck in Business: This Edo Kimekomi-Style Maneki Neko

When it comes to company anniversaries or celebrating someone being promoted, you cannot go wrong with a good-luck item. This maneki neko waving cat decoration is made in the traditional Edo Kimekomi style, characterized by its fine, detailed design. Maneki neko dolls and figurines are said to bring success in business, making them the perfect presents for heads of companies. The figurine features Swarovski gems in the eyes and power stones in the bell, which up its spiritual power.

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Something for Those Who Like Simplicity: This Akita Ware Container That Can Be Used as a Pen or Glasses Holder

If you’re looking for a business item to gift your boss, this might interest you. This container can be used in a variety of ways, and thanks to its simple design, it won’t feel out of place on any desk. Possible uses include a pen or glasses stand and much more. Though it may be simple, this handmade Akita ware is a beautiful item that anyone would be thrilled to receive.

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For the Fussy President: This Shiny, Dark Amber Lacquered Card Holder

This luxurious card holder features a design depicting a Japanese garden. The true elegance of its shiny, red surface becomes apparent the more you use it, and because the item is coated in strong lacquer, it’s hard to damage, which also gives it its beautiful dark amber coloring that won’t feel out of place in a business setting. Almost every company president has a card holder, so you can’t go wrong with this gift.

* Western business cards are 89 mm x 51 mm while Japanese business cards are 91 mm x 55 mm, but it’s a small enough difference to not matter with this card holder.

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For Those Who Enjoy Japanese Sake: This Elegant Kiyomizu Ware Drink Set Adorned in Blue and Gold

Those who enjoy Japanese sake will love this drink set. The price is very reasonable for a bottle and two cups, so the present won’t break your wallet, plus the blue and gold design gives it a very elegant feeling. Kiyomizu ware, which is made in Kyoto, exudes sophistication, making any drink taste even better.

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For the Stylish Boss Who’s Always on the Move: This Elegant, Hand-Stitched Ultramarine Necktie

This rare hand-stitched necktie is made from "Hakata-ori," a kind of fabric which boasts a history over 2,000 years long. The pattern on the tie is called “ajiro no manji,” with “ajiro” meaning “to obtain something important” and “manji” referring to a character that symbolizes good fortune. The necktie comes with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that it’s the same design that was chosen as the official memento for visiting dignitaries during the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting in Fukuoka in June 2019.

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For the Boss Always Thinking About the Company: This Onigawara Decorative Tile Said to Bring You One Year of Smiles

Onigawara tiles have a history going back 1,400 years. For centuries, they’ve been used as talismans protecting Japanese homes and families from calamity. This modern take on the tiles reimagines them as interior decoration featuring a laughing oni demon, hence the name “Shokimen” (laughing demon face). The 12 bead decorations on both sides of the demon’s face represent the 12 months of the year, which is how long the owner of the tile will hopefully spend smiling. If your boss is always thinking about the company, then this is the perfect gift for them.

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For Those Who Enjoy Drinks: This Tin Drinking Set, Which Makes Sake or Beer Taste Even Smoother

Any company president who enjoys a drink would be thrilled to receive this luxurious tin drinking set as a present. Tin actually absorbs impurities from liquids, thus purifying them. As a result, it makes drinks like Japanese sake or beer taste even smoother. You won’t believe the difference in taste that it makes! This is the perfect present to introduce your boss to a whole new world of luxury using a product made with traditional techniques over 300 years old.

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For the Chic: This Elegant Japanese Silk Necktie That Feels Amazing to Touch

If you’re looking for a present that’s not too flashy, this is the product for you. The necktie is made from Japanese silk, so it’s very pleasant to the touch and feels much more luxurious than a regular tie. It sports a simple design, so it can be worn to any occasion. This necktie is the epitome of quiet elegance and luxury, adding an aura of respectability to its wearer, making it the perfect gift for anyone up the corporate ladder.

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For Those Who Enjoy Their Coffee Breaks: This Simple and Elegant Arita Ware Coffee Mug

If your boss enjoys their coffee break in the office breakroom, then this Arita ware coffee mug is the perfect gift for them. The mug boasts a refined look and simple beauty, not to mention an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold. The dark gray coloring gives it an additional air of respectability and modernity, so the mug won’t feel out of place in the breakroom or on an office desk.

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For the Fashionable Person: This Modern Edo Sensu Fan Made with Traditional Crafting Techniques

This popular present is an Edo Sensu fan, which today are only produced by two craftspeople in all of Japan using thick, high-quality bamboo from Kyoto. The very modern-looking “sanja-ami” design pattern on the fan is meant to bring to mind the image of a fishing net being pulled out of the Sumida River, which has a connection with Senso-ji Temple’s goddess Kannon. It’s the perfect fashion item to keep on your person and cool yourself with when the weather gets hot.

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Pick the Perfect Present!

There aren’t many occasions to buy a present for your company president or business client, so choosing the right gift can be difficult. But since this is your chance to really show your gratitude, you should try to pick something from the heart that will also make them happy. You and your fellow employees can even go in on a gift together and surprise your boss with it! It’ll definitely leave an impression on them.

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