Pastel Hues for Spring - Elegant Colors for the Blooming Season!

It is currently springtime in Japan, with many flowers such as cherry blossoms, rapeseed blossoms, wisteria, and more painting the scenery with their gentle, lovely colors. Why not add these pops of pastel to your home as well? We have selected some wonderful BECOS items decorated with the beautiful springtime colors of Japan!

Shochu Server (Stand Included)

Shochu server

Light yet sturdy, this server would make a great addition to any countertop! It was crafted in Shiga Prefecture from Shiragaki ware, a type of pottery that dates back over 1,000 years in Japan. The striped pattern adds a modern yet casual flare. The nozzle is very easy to turn, both letting the contents gently trickle out and also quickly shutting it off.

Shochu server

Although categorized as a “shochu” (distilled Japanese alcohol) server, it can be used for a variety of beverages, such as water or juice! Now that the weather’s getting warmer, why not bring this out for a relaxing barbeque or picnic?

You can find this shochu server here!

Ceramic Tumbler

Pastel ceramic tumblers

Also crafted from Shigaraki ware, these tumblers are decorated with gorgeous pastel colors that are extremely satisfying on the eyes. They are also on the larger side, allowing you to carry around plenty of liquid with you.

pastel ceramic tumbler

The tumblers come with cork lids that fit snugly and ensure there is no spillage. Their shape makes them easy to store in the refrigerator, and can be an adorable way to categorize your beverages.

You can find the blue tumbler here and the pink tumbler here!

Crane Pattern Furoshiki

crane furoshiki

“Furoshiki” are wrapping cloths that have been used in Japan since ancient times. This particular furoshiki is decorated with cranes, an auspicious symbol, drawn in a captivating, modern style.

crane furoshiki

Furoshiki can be used to wrap items in all kinds of shapes and sizes depending on how they are tied. You also do not need to worry about this particular furoshiki or its contents getting wet, as it is water-repellent!

You can find this crane furoshiki here!

Seven Lucky Gods Cup

Seven Lucky Gods Cup

The entirety of this cup (and even the inside!) is decorated with drawings of the seven lucky Japanese gods. Entirely handmade, no two pieces are the same, each being a treasure of its own.

Seven Lucky Gods Cup

We loved the irregular shape of the cup, as we felt it brought even more personality and charm, and complemented the ancient-style clothing adorning the gods. These adorable drawings are sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you use the cup!

You can find this cup here!

Japanese Lanterns

Japanese lanterns

Not only are these lanterns decorated with beautiful Japanese-inspired designs, but they can also act as message cards! You can write or illustrate messages on the negative space of the lanterns, creating a sentimental piece of art.

Japanese lanterns

Although compact when packaged, they are incredibly easy to put together and flatten again. The lanterns can be stood up or hung, and gently illuminate the space with a calming, warm light.

You can find the Mt. Fuji lantern here, Asakusa lantern here, pagoda lantern here, and firefly lantern here!

Did you feel the sense of spring radiating from these pastel items? We hope these bring the pop of color you need after seeing the cold weather melt away!

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