New Items Coming to BECOS!

In anticipation of some fabulous new items coming to the BECOS store, we held a photoshoot to show you all what you have to look forward to!

Bendable Tin Dishes

Bendable tin dishes

A craft we were extremely excited to see and had an amazing time testing was the dishes from a brand called syouryu. These dishes are cast from tin and are incredibly pliable, allowing them to be bent into whatever shape your heart desires! Not to mention how easy it is to revert them back to their original shapes, allowing you to start all over!

Bendable tin dishes

Available in different sizes and thicknesses (the thinner dishes being easier to bend and the thicker dishes more sturdy), they can complement an array of uses and occasions. It is also quite cathartic bending the dishes this way and that!

Edo Kiriko

Edo kiriko glasses

Edo Kiriko (Edo cut glass) is a delicate and gorgeous traditional craft, each piece being of utmost quality and beauty.

These new designs we are adding to our lineup are no exception, each boasting incredible clarity, splendid colors, and intricate patterns. We couldn’t agree on which design we liked the most, as each had its own characteristics that let it stand alone. Individually cut by hand, no two are exactly the same!

Edo kiriko vase

These new pieces are coming from Kagami Crystal and Rinzen, two brands we already have on our site! Click here to see the Kagami Crystal and here to see the Rinzen pieces already available.

Traditional Woven Goods

Yaeyama minsah bag

These incredible crafts are made from “Yaeyama minsah,” a type of traditional weaving technique with centuries of history originating in the outer islands of Okinawa Prefecture. The meticulous details showcase the impeccable craftsmanship, with the vibrant colors and sturdy weaves creating wearable masterpieces.

Yaeyama minsah teddy bear

You can have your own piece of modern art with these everyday items crafted with Yaeyama minsah! Whether you want to show it off in public by carrying around a stunning bag or decorate your home with an adorable teddy bear, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this wondrous craft in your everyday life!

Fusuma Paper Bowls

Fusuma paper bowl

Fusuma is a type of Japanese paper traditionally used to cover sliding doors and room dividers. Yushima, a brand that specializes in fusuma paper crafts, has opened new doors for fusuma paper and made it more accessible to the general public.

Fusuma paper bowl

One of Yushima’s crafts we fell in love with is these shell-shaped paper bowls, which are both light and sturdy. They come in a multitude of colors, so you can easily find the one that best matches your aesthetic. We highly recommend using them as adorable snack bowls!

Leather Slippers

Leather slippers

Household slippers are a common sight in Japan, so it’s no surprise that there is a plethora of options to choose from. Now that many people are spending so much time inside, why not ensure that you have nothing but the best cushioning for your feet?

Yamato slippers are top-quality, with comfortable soles that are light enough to not weigh down your feet and sturdy tops that keep them from slipping off. More options will be coming to our Yamato line-up, bringing new enticing colors and fabrics!

Leather slippers

You can find the high-quality Japanese slippers already available on our site here!

We hope you are excited for all the new additions coming to the BECOS store! Be sure to keep an eye out for when they launch so you can get a hold of your favorites!

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