【NEW ARRIVAL】Ittosai-Kotetsu | Japanese Knife

Takahashikusu has been producing and wholesaling knives for over 100 years in Sakai, the city of knives.
Over the years, they have been producing and wholesaling a large number of knives, mainly Japanese knives, and their knives are also produced by manufacturers of high quality Western-style knives not only in Sakai but also in Seki, Echizen, Tsubame-Sanjo, and other leading cutlery production areas in Japan. their commitment to "sharpness" and "ease of sharpening" is based on the technology they have cultivated through their involvement in the manufacture and wholesale of many kitchen knives. This has led to knives that make cooking "efficient" and "enjoyable" and that "maximize the flavor of ingredients".
We introduce the best products that are made with the user in mind.

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