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Aiming for sustainable Sakai Forged Blades in Sakai, a city with 600 years of history


  • 1917
  • Japanese Knife
  • President Yusuke Takahashi
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Pursuing high quality kitchen knives with the true user in mind

We were founded in 1917 in Sakai, the city of cutlery, as a manufacturer and wholesaler of knives, and the current president is the fourth generation.

For more than 100 years, we have contributed to the development of Japanese food culture by manufacturing and wholesaling a large number of knives, mainly Japanese knives, as a bridge between users and manufacturers.

Our name "Ittosai-Kotetsu" is named after "Kotetsu", a famous swordsmith in the Edo period, and our knives under Ittosai Kotetsu brand are one of the top rank knives we produce.

We also manufacture not only Japanese kitchen knives from Sakai, which boasts 600 years of tradition, but also from high quality manufacturers in Seki, Echizen (Takefu), and Tsubame Sanjo, which are among the leading producers of Western kitchen knives in Japan.

We aim to develop true Sakai cutlery in line with the changing times by changing what needs to be changed while protecting the essential parts of the traditional Sakai cutlery manufacturing industry.

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Provides long-lasting sharpness and ease of maintenance.

The knives that we consider good are those that are both "sharp" and "easy to sharpen".

This may seem obvious, but "sharp" and "easy to sharpen" are two contradictory things.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to produce a knife that can fulfill both requirements.

This time, however, we have carefully selected knives that achieve both of these points in a well-balanced manner.

A kitchen knife is not originally a tool that ends once it stops cutting.

If the knives are not just hard and easy to cut, but if they stay sharp for a long time and are easy to sharpen, we can continue to use the knives until the end of their lives, which will lead to sustainability for the entire planet.

We are also very particular about the appearance of our knives, and offer both classic and stylish knives.

We will continue to pursue the ultimate in knives that are truly good for our customers.

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For Customers

A partner for those who seek a higher level of taste.

Our vision is to "advance the world's food culture through the power of cuisine.

Our mission is "to be the best partner for people around the world who want to cook better.

"People who aspire to better cuisine" refers not only to professional chefs, but also to people who love to cook in general.

We want to provide those people with knives that are efficient and fun to use when cooking, and that maximize the flavor of the ingredients.

The products we sell at BECOS are based on our more than 100 years of experience in the kitchen knife manufacturing and wholesaling industry, and we have carefully selected only the truly good products for production.

The prices may be a little high, but we are confident that you will be satisfied with our products.

We welcome feedback from our customers and would love to hear your honest opinions.


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