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Manufacturing that originates from the customer's "impression"

Satuma Vidro

  • 1994
  • Satsuma Cut Glass
  • Ikuo Kato


The beauty of Satsuma revived by the passion of craftsmen

It was established in 1994 by a craftsman who was involved in the restoration of Satsuma Kiriko, which disappeared during the turbulent period at the end of the Edo period, with the aim of creating a Kiriko that impresses even more.

While pursuing tradition, we aim to be Satsuma Kiriko, which conveys original impressions with the addition of modern new essences.

We are one of the few workshops that manufactures everything from glass fabric to cutting in-house.

That is why, while working on research on traditional restored colors, we are also focusing on developing new colors, opening up the future possibilities of Satsuma Kiriko.



Works created in the spirit of the old and new

Satsuma Kiriko is made by covering the surface of transparent crystal glass with colored glass with a thickness of 1 mm or more, cutting it deeply, and polishing it.

The "blurring" created by thick colored glass is the greatest feature of Satsuma Kiriko.

Only those that have passed strict inspection standards will be engraved with the "satuma" stamp and will be delivered to the customer as a product.

While inheriting the technology of our predecessors, we also produce new Satsuma Kiriko such as Satsuma Black Kiriko and Satsuma Brown, which are stylish and fit the modern lifestyle.


For Customers

Satsuma Kiriko like you

Value created only by using Each cut, pattern, color, and brilliance can be felt as the goodness of Satsuma Kiriko because it is used.

Even the time to enjoy Kiriko, wash it carefully, and polish it will be a rich and joyful time.

Please try incorporating your own Satsuma Kiriko into your life.



1997 Kagoshima Prefecture Traditional Craft Designation

2006 Succeeded in the industry's first black coloring

2014 Succeeded in the industry's first brown coloring


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