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Wajimanuri Studio RAKU Rikio HIKIMOCHIRikio HIKIMOCHI

It is a "mossy cup over time".

The three-dimensional lacquer technique that existed 1300 years ago, called Neri-Dry Lacquer®, is revived to express the mossy rock surface and old trees of Noto's Satoyama.

Also, it is a magical cup that gradually reveals a beautiful moss color on the surface as you continue to use it.

It looks heavy, but when you actually use it, it is very light and palatable.

It's made tough so that it won't crack even in dry climates, so it's a great gift for foreigners!


Manufacturer Wajimanuri Studio RAKU
Country of origin Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Technique Wajima Lacquerware
Material lacquerware
Size W2.16" * D2.16" * H2.16"(W5.5* D5.5 * H5.5cm)
Weight 0.13 lbs(60g)
Capacity 3.04 oz(90ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : X Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X,
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


As time goes by, the expression changes like alive

Wajimanuri Studio RAKU

  • 1983
  • Wajima Lacquer Ware


A lacquer craftsman's DNA that connects parents and children

Rikio HIKIMOCHI He is one of a few master craftsmen who can do the entire process from undercoating to finish.

After a 10 year-apprenticeship, he established his own studio and started crafting works under the name of HAKURAKU.

His simple and unpretentious tea ceremony utensils had a good reputation among tea practitioners.

His incense containers are inspired by the country landscapes, and through crafting them he came up with his unique urushi ware and innovative ‘NERIKANSHITSU®.’ Kazuyori HIKIMOCHI Being a son of HIKIMOCHI Rikio and apprenticed under the master craftsman, NUNO Tatsumi, a Buddhist alter maker in Nanao, Kazuyori came back to Wajima in 2017 and is now working at WAJIMANURI STUDIO RAKU.

Young and promising, he has been working for the restoration of temples.


Be amused by the changes over time

This series certainly amuses its users with the change of colors from brown to beautiful mossy green over time.

Just imagine a velvety fur-like beautiful moss in a traditional Japanese garden.

And your cup offers you a microcosm of the garden in your hand.

Urushi coated products aiso prevent rotting.

resist the action of acid and alkali, salt and alcohol,keep cold drinks cold, and promise a gentle touch of lips.

They are functional as well as beautiful.

For Customers

Connect tradition with possibility of urushi

Wajima-nuri that represents Japan's lacquerware called JAPAN overseas.

Wajimanuri Stdio Raku explores the possibilities of lacquer that can only be done with Wajima Nuri, and is developing initiatives to connect traditions while enjoying to the next generation in Japan and overseas.


2003 Osaka Arts Exhibition Arts and Crafts Division Osaka Governor's Award

2004 Matsushima Artist Artists Association Matsushima Exhibition

Osaka Governor's Award, Osaka Art Exhibition 2005

2006 Osaka Arts & Crafts Exhibition Arts & Crafts Division

2011 Osaka Crafts Exhibition Arts and Crafts Category Ichijo Prize

Ishikawa brand recognition Remake lacquer container TSUBAKI

2012 Ishikawa Industrialization Resource Utilization Promotion Fund Project Adopted

Ishikawa Brand Certification Wajima Sumiaki Dry Lacquer KOKEMUSU CUP

2013 Osaka Craft Exhibition Arts and Crafts Division Osaka Craft Association President Award

Ishikawa Prefectural Design Exhibition Wajima Sumikuri Dry Lacquer KOKEMUSU CUP

Ishikawa Prefecture Kutani Ceramic Industry and Industry Cooperative Association President's Award

2014 International Lacquer Exhibition winning selection, "Nori-Dori Lacquer" trademark registration and "KOKE MUSU" trademark registration

2015 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry The Wonder 500TM certified KOKEMUS ® CUP

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry traditional crafts industry activation plan certified LaQue urushibo
Ishikawa Industrialization Resources Utilization Promotion Fund Project Adopted Wajima Sumi Tori to create a luxury space

2017 International Lacquer Exhibition Selected TSUMAMI

Ishikawa Prefectural Design Exhibition URUSHI SCREENS / SAMPLE MATERIAL BOX

2018 "Japan Artisan Material Project Paris" adopted
Exhibited "ESPACE DENSAN Paris"

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality