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The faceted glassware placed only on the bottom is a very elegant and tasteful gem. It is a glass that not only looks good, but also fits comfortably in your hand even if you just lightly put your hand on it, making it a glass that is easy to use. The thinly finished mouthpiece is surprisingly smooth, allowing you to enjoy carbonated drinks such as beer.

Glasses made with Edo faceting techniques

Glass Features 1

Glasses made with Edo faceting techniques

Edo faceting is a traditional glass craft produced in Tokyo from the end of the Edo period to the present. The cutting produced by craftsmen's hands enhances the beauty of the glass.

We want people to choose a glass that matches what they drink and eat." This glass was born from such a desire, and is a simple glass that is suitable for today's times and fits in with any dining table.

Glass is one of the easiest items of tableware to incorporate into daily life. We recommend that you welcome a glass made by traditional handcrafts as a special tableware.

The chrysanthemum pattern is covered with light! A glass with an elegant depth of charm.

Glass Features 2

The chrysanthemum pattern is covered with light! Elegant profundity is the charm!

The faceted design is created by cutting the glass. While many faceted glasses are heavy with bright colors such as red and blue and cutting throughout the glass, this glass is surprisingly simple.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary glass with no pattern, but the bottom of the glass is thick with a beautiful chrysanthemum pattern. When light hits the glass, the light spilling from the chrysanthemum design reflects beautifully on the table.

The elegance of the delicate beauty that can be appreciated only after it is placed in your hand is a symbol of the unique Japanese culture.

Versatile enough for every day! Recommended glass for evening drinks with meals.

Glass Features 3

Versatility for every day! For evening drinks with meals

The slim, elongated shape and simple appearance are perfect for drinking with dinner. Recommended for drinking beer, highballs, and other carbonated drinks.

Above all, its design, which does not require any coordination, is the secret to its success at the dinner table every day. It is easy to match with any style of meals, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese, and can be coordinated with a variety of tableware.

It is simple but has a luxurious feel, so it is recommended to have several of them and use them for guests.

The ergonomic curve of the glass fits comfortably in the hand.

Glass detail 1

Ergonomic curves fit comfortably in the hand

This glass features a height of approximately 19 cm, which is taller than most glasses. The gentle curves drawn throughout the glass are ergonomically shaped so that it fits comfortably in the hand, even when lightly placed in contact with the hand.

The capacity of approximately 320 ml is also attractive. Because faceted glassware is a traditional craft, it tends to be used for special occasions, but this glass, which fits in with modern styles, is an item that should be used in many ways in everyday life.

Glasses that make carbonated drinks taste better.

Glass detail 2

The secret to making carbonated drinks taste good

The slightly outward opening of the drinking cup makes it surprisingly smooth and allows you to enjoy carbonated beverages such as beer. The secret is the thinness of the drinking glass.

This is because the thicker drinking glasses have a greater sensation of the glass hitting the lips, whereas the thinner glasses allow you to directly feel the refreshing impression of carbonation without feeling the glass at all.

The design of the glass is, of course, excellent, but we recommend this glass to those who are particular about the ease of drinking and holding, as well as those who are familiar with alcoholic beverages. Although the shape makes carbonated beverages stand out, it can of course be used for any beverage, including tea, water, and soft drinks.

Glassware for gifts and celebrations for people who like to drink.

give a gift of a glass

Recommended for gifts and celebrations for people who like to drink.

This glass is recommended as a gift for people who like to drink, as it makes beer and other beverages taste good. Please use it as a birthday present, Father's Day gift, or any other occasion where you want to express your gratitude. It is also a gift for those who are particular about tableware, and will surely be appreciated.

We recommend giving a pair as a wedding gift, housewarming gift, or as a gift to a couple who is starting a new life together.

BECOS offers many original wrapping designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift a thoughtful one, thinking of the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in his or her hand.


KIMOTO GLASSWARE Seiichi KimotoSeiichi Kimoto

A glass with a sleek, slim and beautiful form.

The Edo Kiriko with a chrysanthemum pattern on the bottom is colorful.

The straight-up shape makes effervescent beverages stand out.

It is recommended to use a glass with a beautiful and sensual silhouette as a beer glass or as a slim highball glass.

The curves that make up the whole are ergonomic, so you can feel the comfort of wrapping sake in your hands.

Please enjoy a blissful time with a high-quality glass.


Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique Edo Cut Glass
Material Soda glass
Size φ2.08" * H7.48" * M2.55"(φ5.3*H19.0*M6.5cm)
Weight 0.49 lbs(220g)
Capacity 10.82 oz(320ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : X Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X,
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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