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Leading the way in high-end knives in Japan.

Yamawaki Cutlery

  • 1927
  • Sakai Forged Blades
  • Toru Igarashi, Masaya Shimizu


The pride of Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro, one of the three greatest swordsmiths in Japan.

Since our establishment in 1927, we have been manufacturing and selling mainly high quality kitchen knives for professional use, as well as knives for a wide range of customers in the home, culinary schools, and culinary schools.


Our main brand, named after Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro (郷右馬允義弘), a sword smith from the Kamakura period, was highly acclaimed overseas ahead of the recent boom in Japanese knives.


In the Sakai cutlery industry where division of labor is the norm, Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro was one of the first to establish an in-house knife cutting department and has been leading the field of high quality Japanese knives such as hon-yaki with its high quality sharpening.



Combining Tradition and Latest Technology

We are proud of our Japanese knives, which are polished in our own knife knitting factory for uncompromising sharpness and beauty.


Over the years, we have supported many knife specialists and have developed a keen eye for quality and authenticity.


We also focus on training our artisans to produce professional, high-quality kitchen knives created by the Mizuyaki & Honyaki method, which has been considered difficult to manufacture, and to make them available to the general public.


For Customers

Preserving food culture and passing on skills

Our goal is to provide the world with the tools of daily life that support food, including Japanese food, without compromising our sharpness, beauty of finish, or skill in styling.


We will continue to lead the way in the development of high-grade kitchen knives in Sakai while pursuing technical capabilities that live up to the 600-year-old name of "Sakai Forged Blades," and contributing to the passing down and refinement of our craftsmanship.


Our motto is "Knife is Life"

We will continue to support the world's food culture beyond borders.



2014 Recognized as a Sakai Technician

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